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acceleration of the earth

An Earth day is 24 hours. Earth rotates on its axis once every 23 hours 56 minutes 40.91 seconds. It’s a 24-hour completion. But that is not true either a  few parts per second may be too much. Once in four years, the last day of February on the 29th is called a leap year.   Thus a day’s time constant completed its rotation in 1.59 milliseconds. Maybe a little bit more.    this is the time scale of a day. This is the calculation caused by the Earth itself. It takes place in a canon.

Scientists say that the speed of the earth has increased

But scientists are confusing us now. But this is a real mess. What does it look like? You ask. Scientists have said that the speed of the earth has increased now. This may reduce the number of days. You may feel scared or confused when you hear this. It is the nature of man not to have his existence threatened. It is a threat to the normal existence of this world

The reason for the increased rotation of the earth

increase rotation of earth
scientists will say they don’t know the answer

The question you raise here to us as to what causes this increase in Earth’s rotation.   Well, why shouldn’t you be the reason for this?  You are destroying forests, dumping industrial waste into the sky and earth, and filling the soil with chemicals. So the world is getting warmer so global warming can be a reason for the increase in rotation of the earth

But this is not the only reason, scientists believe that many factors like the moon’s gravity, increased snowfall, erosion of mountains, and melting of polar ice caps have raised the earth’s rotation. but Scientists can still not say that these are the definite reasons for the acceleration of the Earth.

The current rate of tidal fluctuation is unusually high but indicates that Earth’s rotation speed must have decreased very slowly in the past, showing a sharp increase in rotation speed before 600 Myr. Some models suggest that Earth maintained a constant day length of 21 hours throughout much of the Precambrian. But in the last 50 years, the speed of rotation of the earth has started to increase.   

This shows that the International Earth Rotation Reference System shows that International Earth Rotation and Reference System began adding extra leap seconds when recording Earth’s speed. Between 1960 – 2020, 28 leap days have been recorded. On the 19th of 2020, the daily rate was 1.4602. This was an unsurprisingly low time, but on June 26, 2002, this level was broken. This means that the speed of a day has decreased by 1.50 milliseconds per day

Thus, what is the effect of increasing the rotation of the Earth is a few milliseconds higher than the 84.400   used to measure the time of the world and so far the time scale per day has been increasing by a small fraction. Now the situation is slightly reversed.

Atomic clock

Most of us can measure time flow with watches on phones or other devices. Although these methods serve us well in our daily lives, they are not very accurate in measuring the precise flow of time. If you want to measure the real flow of time, then you need to use the so-called atomic clock. Atomic clocks can measure time to its smallest units. By comparing atomic clocks with the speed at which the Earth rotates, scientists can see whether the Earth rotates slower or faster

earth acceleration
Atomic clocks

The Earth’s acceleration

Scientists say that a small amount of time change has been observed in the past year, but on July 19, 2021, the date has decreased by a certain amount. Scientists say that it is 1.4602 milliseconds. But this mark has been broken 28 times in 2020. What if this trend continues, a leap second will be needed again to synchronize the time.


Unanswered scientists

If you fearfully ask the question of whether this trend will continue, scientists will say they don’t know the answer. Most scientists say this is likely to happen. Some say the world will go back to the way it was before. But the general opinion of scientists is that this will not affect the world on a large scale.

“Merkowitz explained that standardized time was once determined by how long it takes the Earth to rotate once on its axis — widely understood to be 24 hours. But because that speed fluctuates slightly, that number can vary by milliseconds. Scientists in the 1960s began working with atomic clocks to measure time more accurately”.

What happens if the speed of the earth increases?

Aren’t you raising a question of what would happen if the earth moved as fast as it wanted? If that happens

1. One is to increase the negative leap second to keep Earth’s faster rotation rate in sync with the atomic clock rates.

2  Negative leap seconds  Affecting information technology systems  வழக்கமான23.59.59முதல்  Today the clock is set to 00.00.00 today from 23.59.59 to 23.29.60.

The new switching speed changes the clock from 23.59.58 to 00.00.00.

 Meta predicts that this will wreak havoc on software that relies on timers or scheduling

 So you may question why the earth rotates so fast.

Effects of Earth’s Acceleration 

Antarctica - The Largest Desert in the World - Twinkl Wiki

1. Melting of the polar ice caps, i.e. weight loss at the poles

2 Internal Fused Center (Less Weigh on Pole)

3 A slight deviation of the Earth’s axis of rotation.

(Chandler Wobble)

4. Change in climate

5. Change in Earth’s Magnetic Field

 Speed will decrease

Centrifugal force increases due to decreasing speed of day and night Gravity remains constant Weight of matter on earth decreases Earth’s hemispheric warming increases speed

The direct impact of this increase in speed is that GSP satellites, smartphones, virgins, and information technology can have a serious impact.

Gravity and weight loss

The centrifugal force from Earth’s spin will try to lift you off the planet like a child on the verge of a quick ecstasy. For now, gravity is strong. But if Earth accelerates, the centrifugal force gets a boost, says NASA astronomer Stan Odenwald.

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