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By Bano Sidiq —

The rule of Taliban in afghanistan

In the autumn of 1996, when the Taliban seized power in Kabul and launched a cover-up regime that dubbed Afghanistan theIslamic Emirate,” their rule began with activities that ensnared people in the brutal repression of the regime as slaves. Women were forced to stay and live with men, with women’s rights stripped and women stopped going to work and women’s earnings were lost. Women’s education was blocked. Women were compelled to wear a completely hidden dress. Even for minor offenses, women were put out in public and beaten and humiliated with a whip.


What they thought was the law and what they thought was the punishment. They achieved everything they thought under the guise of the law of Sharia, Human Rights, and gender equality disappeared.

The people cruelly enjoyed the intolerant regime of Islamic rule. Afghanistan experienced the pinnacle of patriarchy. Even men experienced adversity to the same extent. Those who criticized the government were caught in and from heavy punishment.     

If you ask, where all this has been said in the Koran, they don’t know how to answer the question and they don’t need to answer. Religious-based oppression dominates nowhere in the world. Their rule held that the guns they always stood for were the sovereign gun, the gun was the state.

If  You ask their native place and they don’t know how to say the answer because they don’t represent any species properly.  They are not even part of the indigenous culture of Afghanistan. A few of the Taliban are Pashtuns but they do not represent any of the Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Turkmen, Baloch, Bachai, Aymak, Kyrgyz, Nirustani, Gujur, or Brut communities. 

In truth, they did not focus on the Prophet Muhammad and the slogan of the Quran with care. Knowing the ‘Sharia’ you are referring to, is about fight, the human understanding of divine law. These laws vary from country to country, culture to culture, and heritage to Heritage, They would not understand that. The Taliban also banned television, music, and cinema.

They do not understand the value of women. Therefore they always denied the rights of women in their thoughts, women and other secondary persons in the country therefore Taliban always forgot that they too were born to a mother. It seems indifferent to them that the Prophet Muhammad was also born to a woman. The Quran teaches that” Heaven is in your mother’s foot.” But they are thinking that Heaven is at gunpoint. The Taliban have a very misconception that God created women for only men. So women are created to serve men. Their thinking is that they are not created to live a happy life to be educated and promoted.  

Do the Taliban know that Khadija, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad, called the first mother of Islam, is an independent, strong, courageous woman? The teachings of Islam always emphasize the importance of seeking knowledge. We know that thousands of years ago, the first university in the world was founded by Fatima Al-Bahri, a Muslim woman  

As far as we are aware, during the rule of the Taliban in 1999, not a single woman was enrolled in school for higher education and only about 9,000 girls were only educated in primary schools. Often women have also lost their meager respect. Rape-forced prostitution was staged omnisciently.

Now the fear that this will be staged again is seen in women there. Selling women and making forceful wives is a strategy aimed at adding women to the Taliban, and the Taliban knowingly do that it is a scheme to make women sexually addicted and it is a crime against humanity.

 For the last 20 years, Afghan women were building a free world for themselves in some way. They were developing political positions and parliamentarian positions with changing participation in public life and freedom, prestige, and human rights for themselves. The group of wits and women and community activists are fearful of the Taliban’s regime going to turn that situation completely upside down.

The Taliban, which claims to protect religion, are definitely deriding religion. What is the point of the “Tawa” or call to God, which is guided by this behavior? It’s one of the biggest downfalls in life, we know everything, so it’s just to think we’re OK to do that at all times. You failed to realize that mistake when you knew it was an error and it was a tragedy.

The Taliban are indiscriminately involved in destroying culture, generation, gender, and our country. The fundamental reason for the decline of a religion of a race, of a language, of its aberration, is the consequences when people are suppressed, deprived of rights, deprived of freedoms, denied women’s equality, and ruled The Taliban is never going to understand that reality. Taking away the freedom of a people is tantamount to a race committing suicide in itself.

Images of women on a billboard of shops were ripped up as the Taliban seized the Afghan government. The women were sent back not to return to work. They ordered that the place could be filled with men’s staff. At the time of thought, We have seen various scenes, where the Taliban knocked down houses and beat up family members asking the food if they were not able to give it they have been torturing. Bibi Aisha’s story is a chilling reminder of Sharia’s horrors announcing the implementation.

Fariba Akemi, a woman in India who fled Afghanistan, in an interview with popular English media The Independent about the Taliban. The Taliban has said painfully that they never change their attitude and their atrocities. Promises currently made by the Taliban are empty promises. Says it can’t be trusted

What does the Taliban know about education? The Taliban will never realize that when an illiterate society develops, that society will become the most backward society in the world.  

For example, the Vice-Chancellor of Kabul University gained experience and Dr. degree, but he was removed from the Vice-Chancellor Post and the post was simply replaced by a ‘B. holder ‘. These the actions of the Taliban, a great job of their educational glory to us. The Taliban are adamant that Islam should be the most pinned species in the world, thus gutting the country in all categories. My expectation is   for the Afghan community and the world to think about how to defeat terminate   Taliban and liberate the society

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