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Thousands of people in the world are fans of the afternoon nap. No company or working place allows their employees to sleep during the day because they do not know its values. Many studies have shown that a person who wakes up in his sleep through daytime Nap is very enthusiastic, healthy, and can do the job well. Each of us sleeps for 24 years of our lifetime, on average. It is even more important for us to know how the phenomenon of sleep affects us.

 The sleep researcher,  one of the most acclaimed researchers, “Daniel Gripe” says in an interview that “people who sleep for five or six hours have a prosperous life and working overtime will never increase the good result and it fools you”.It focuses heavily on some other Western cultures and the United States as well, so they consider taking a nap as a stigma.   However, most people in countries such as Italy, Greece, or Spain experience afternoon naps called “Riboso, Mesimeri, and Siesta.”

 In Japan, Inemuri (sleeping anywhere), daydreaming, or sleep-weariness shares some faint lines in mind, considering the identity of devotion to work as a sign. Even some Japanese merchants have a daily nap routine to get some quiet, quality day  nap

Naps provide a lot of healthy things to the body and brain.  Hormones are maintained through naps, our fibers are repaired, our memory increases, cognitive function, creative thinking, and memory performance personality develops

Naps are essential for better heart function.  Studies reveal that naps reproduce every human being. But insomnia in general is a human being subject to various types of physical and mental distress. Increase awareness, increase creativity, reduce stress, improve sensation, stamina, motor drive skills, and accuracy, and improve your sex life,

     Nap says it helps you make better decisions, makes you look younger, helps you lose weight, reduces heart risk, attacks raise your mood, and strengthens memory! Change your life. The author of the book, Nap! Change your life Dr. Sara.C. Mednick says  (professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of California) who do not have good sleep often suffers distractions in their daily activities.  seven or eight hours of grief is said to be essential for an average person.

  A study of 23,600 people in Greece on daytime naps found that the country’s mortality rate declined by 37 percent due to today’s sleep. There, therefore, due to daylight sleep, the life limit of a particular person has increased and life is happy. Sleep can have many good effects

 *increase creativity, *reduce stress

 *increase tolerance,

 *improve normal ability and quality

 *Help with weight loss 

*In good  sex life

*Reduce the risk of heart attack

*To be bright in mood

*to increase memory

.  he is said to help better this day’s sleep.

 When another team studying naps conducted a comparative study of those who did not nap during the day and nap, a card for rote learning was issued to two sections.    When they were asked to memorize the card and hand over what they memorized 40 minutes later, those who nap during the day showed their memory very well, according to the study results.

they showed their memory very well, according to the study results.

A study conducted by the University of California revealed that the students were given a challenging task.  More than half of them were 2.00 p.m. It was learned that those who fell asleep did better than those who did not sleep when they got up and performed the work. The interesting thing is that they have done better in the evening and the night before than in the morning.

 In other words, the information in our brain during this daytime nap is repaired.  It is clear and aligned.  Lead researcher Dr. Matthew Walker says that a nap is a necessary process for us to clarify the savings of short-term memories of the brain when talking about naps. Most importantly in his study is that students study overnight with a very crowded mood or a kind of anxiety or high expectation on the night before the exam to reduce the brain’s memory by nearly 40 percent. So the effect of sleep has meaningful brain capacity. if you want to increase your learning skills, rest is essential for the mind.

 Walker compared having an email inbox in your brain’s hippocampus. it is complete by naps, he says. To start a good process, you will get a little sleep before that. And after doing a meaningful activity, you won’t move your memory record to another place in the peg until you sleep well. Dr. Walker said

  At Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachuset      A study in Massachusetts (At Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusett) showed that day sleep can help the brain recover from ‘burning’ or overloading another study suggests that increasing sleep efficiency from 60-90 minutes can be as effective as full night sleep.

 Professor Leon of The University of Flanders says that our eyes take a lot of rest when we sleep and the benefit of sleep can last for several hours after that. He says that in awareness and improving subjective feelings, at least 15 minutes of daily sleep is required. 

What happens in your brain during sleep:

  According to recent research, the right side of the brain is more active during a night of sleep than on the left.  although 95 percent of the population is right-handed users, the left side of their brain is very active, but even when we sleep, we are very active on the right during sleep, even dealing with home care duties to the right of the brain, says author Andrei Medvedev.

  If you are trying to sleep at a certain time, you should definitely factor in the time it takes to sleep. If you need some help doing this, you can try using a fitness tracker like “Jawbone UP” or use a sleep-tracking app on your phone. Once you have a difficult idea, you can make this a factor in your time. You should not sleep for too many hours, it can spoil a night’s sleep. If you don’t want to set the alarm, let’s try Michael haiyat shared on his blog.

  The problem is to sleep at the wrong time, which can give you sleep depression. You will feel dull and more tired than you used to be. Dr. Sara C. Mednick says that when you wake up during deep, slow-wave sleep, and sleep maybe cause depression and change your life. This sleep reduces brain temperature and blood flow to the brain, causing sudden waking a feature of brain function.

 There is no benefit to the baby’s sleep for more than 90 minutes, as you will only start another sleep cycle then and a cup of coffee explains how difficult sleep can be as a guide to sleep.  Coffee sleep is a chemical called adenosine that promotes coffee naps before sleeping for a short period, which increases energy levels.

 Wake up before your next cycle starts the full 90-minute sleep cycle. You should go fully to napping on time to enjoy your little sleep. Sleeping longer will naturally reduce your energy. The day after you lose your sleep you are more likely to sleep the day after you lose sleep. Instead of fighting for it, get ready for a nap before the afternoon. You’re a lucky person if you get the chance to take a nap or you’re allowed to be a private sector employee.

   After you have observed the above, do a sleep test. During the day, you take a nap and observe what changes occur in your body and mind. Keep your sleep in a less light environment as much as possible. It is not only a fan of a nap that, but it is also our desire that you heartily enjoy the fruits of it. You will realize that our productivity decreases every day at 3 p.m.   Naps are one of the most powerful ways to bring your productivity to 100% for a good 1,5-hour career after that.

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