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British monarchy

Constitutional conventions, Rule of law, doctrine, and vigor. The overall legal form of these is the king or Crown of England. “Who rules the UK?”One time Stuart asked satirically. “The King certainly rules England.  But who rules the King? ‘Lord’ Who will rule the Duke? “The devil.”From this, the king of England scares like a ghost. The devil is not true and whenever that devil is scared it is the crown, not the king, to rule the UK because the official acts of the King rule by the advice of the prime minister.

british monarchy

Indeed, the whole development of the British constitution is marked by a constant transfer of power from King to crown. In the early days, all powers stayed with the man wearing the crown, But over the course of history, these powers were gradually transferred to the crown. For two generations the King could disband the army, shun the navy, make peace through Cornwall Peace, start a war to conquer, and forgive all criminals. By law, the Queen can still enjoy these powers. But all this is in the theory. In fact, these and other powers were not exercised by the King. The king who performs these powers is not a personal king, but rather a founding king.

The king has the right to consult, the right to warn, and the right to encourage. There is a right to be consulted, and The Prime Minister must consult the Queen before making an important decision on any public matter. The king is more experienced than the prime minister.   Therefore, with his intellectual experience and in-depth knowledge, this would be great advice. But if the Prime Minister does not act on the Queen’s advice, the latter has the right to warn the  Government.

Queen Elisabeth, the 2nd longest-serving Queen in the history of the United Kingdom, fills the greatest episode of the long historical series. So she has self-belief. She has also been some kind of partner in many political changes in the 20th century. But the Queen’s contribution to the UK’s limited monarchical parliamentary democracy is vital.

  It is doubtful that this upheaval will in the future keep the British state as a ruling monarchy under a limited monarchy.

While more than 70 percent of people in Scotland, Wales, and central England recognize the Queen in opinion polls, fewer than 50 percent currently recognize Prince  Charles in Wales and central England. More specifically, support for Charles Scotland is simply only 40%. It is therefore questionable whether the monarchy will remain in England in the future, as the Prince’s influence continues to wane.

In this context, the Queen’s handling of Boris Johnson’s advice to suspend Parliament at the height of the Brigitte debate caused controversy. The Speaker described this as a constitutional outrage. The Queen’s decision to grant Boris Johnson’s plea sparked fury between protesters protesting Brexit so the Queen was pulled into a political brawl. Many called the unwritten Westminster constitutional challenge. So there have been doubts about the extent to which he would act as an apolitical guarantor in British politics. So  in the future, the new king will have to pass ‘a dark  space constitutionally, ” says Hadden

  The controversy has sparked controversy over the fact that Prince William the son of Prince  Charles, spoke about racist royal identity at the palace in an interview with his wife Meghan in Obrawinfre. So no such comment would have come from the queen or Philip.

  Prince Andrew, Charles   younger brother, said that “being a member of the royal family does not mean that nothing should be with the Kingdom and his association with sex offender Jeffrey Stephen has become a removed from public view

Andrew’s former staff told Politico the British and U.S. A. Some of the diplomats had to seek advice on the protocol from the palace about his relationship with the US. Authorities in the investigation into Epstein. Just 7 percent of Britons have a positive outlook on Andrew, down from 4 percent in Scotland.

  The British Queen is well versed in the traditional life of the country. So she worked with the Parliament and the Cabinet with the most valuable neutrality. But such maturity is said to be the leaf for Charles.

Charles also showed no admirable character in his personal life. The breakup of his marriage to Princess Diana, Camila‘s relationship, and her feminist traits made him unable to gain a reputation even in the British palace. That is why even at this young age the Empress refused to give the reins of power to Charles.

The Queen’s longevity and behavior in all of the television telecast public debate and opinion and the media represent her clear behavioral role in uniting all countries. But this is unclear for Charles. For this reason, Members of the UK’s Scot’s National Party are said to be divided among themselves. The country is facing a Republican argument in the aftermath of the Queen’s death

democratically elected head of state. Scott’s Green Party publicly calls for the UK democratically elected leader as head of the state

 At the Queen’s death, Charles became head of the Commonwealth, a group of 54 nations that has its origins in the British Empire. Although this is the traditional position,   after a request from the queen, that the position would be given to her son. But some of its members of the Commonwealth have argued that leadership should be provided by rotating leadership, which is known to reflect a modern relationship where governments are equal to one another.

  “This is a missed opportunity for modernization, which is a warning bell about the future,” said a senior diplomat from the Commonwealth realm.

 The Queen has largely succeeded in covering the kosher argument at the palace. But the Queen’s talents are currently being avoided to a large extent. Three royal families are seen at Buckingham Palace. One is the Queen’s Buckingham Palace, two is the Salz Lawrence house, the third is the area of William and his wife Kate Kensington Palace. Each of these manages its own media activity.    In addition, the families have their own staff, former diplomats, and government officials who are loyal. They spend most of their lives here for palace service.

  Disagreements are found among family members over how to handle change. Buckingham Palace gardens House supports the traditional Royal Exchange.  

Hazell, a professor at University College London, believes that having fewer family members can avoid tensions in the family and that the larger the family, the greater the risk of fighting and leaving.      

When King Charles assumes office, he says the family alliance that existed so far will no longer exist.

Concerns about change are very high in the UK and within the palace. It is the wish of many at the palace for Prince William to be given part of his duties to  Prince William after  Charles takes over. Roughly the people are split into two sections, according to the survey, which held whether government responsibilities after Elizabeth should be given to Charles or William. Only 10 percent were in favor of Charles, to elect 65 percent of the theme. Prince Harry.  Charles’ duties and responsibilities may be restricted accordingly.

 According to Hazell, the king will perform the traditional duties of meeting the prime minister and future visitors, as well as accepting envoys. Great people can stay out of sight. Meanwhile, William could also serve as the true leader. If this were to be frozen in another way, her shoes would be worn by two heirs after the death of Elisabeth. But those two teams will be weaker than one another. So the hairstyle will show up lame.  

 .In the Welsh capital, Cardiff, Swansea, and Aberdare, there has been a great deal of controversy over the pasting of a banner with a photo of Prince Charles. The propaganda was “We don’t need a prince. The royal family monarchy is not good for Britain, it’s not good for tourism, the royal family spends 345 million a year on Britain, and that money is enough to pay 13,000 nurses in the palace.

 It has been reported that the is the Republic organization behind this. It is presented with the slogan of ending the royal family rule. The organization has so far raised 25,000 for its campaign.

People have also said that they are eagerly awaiting when Prince Charles will be King and after him, Prince William of Wales will be Prince.

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