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The cats is a rare animal and it is difficult to understand its feelings. It’s hard to know about its romance and anticipation. But the cat that lives in our house keeps our legs around in our kitchen. The desire to rub our legs for it. It’s such a thrill. And for that, it is the desire to sleep on our home sofa or in our bed. Its world is that it always dreams with its eyes closed like a dream animal. We do not know the cat, how smart it is like our pet dog. 

 As owners who love pets, it’s much easier to anthropomorphize our pets. We often assign human feelings to their facial expressions and body language or speak to them as if they understand what we are saying.

Facts about cats


  The cat is very fond of fish food and likes milk but does not like fruit food in general.   If you call while the cat is asleep it won’t wake up and even keep your eyes awake. But its presence, he said, would accept the invitation and only swing the tail.   

After feeding, it will sit in one place and lick and clean its entire body with its tongue. You can’t see a clean life like a cat, So much cleaning.

  “How smart is the cat?” Muse Randall Lockwood, an animal behaviorist, says of the cat, “The cat is a very intelligent animal but does not know how to play intelligently. It does not have time to learn because it sleeps too much in life, but it only learns what it needs.”

   When you enter the house the cat tries to enter the house, the cat shakes the house key and tries to open the door. It keeps understanding your language. What’s even weirder is that if you open the fridge with the thought in mind that you want to feed the cat, it will start screaming and screaming.

 If you raise up your voice say “  Pick up the stick, where is the stick? ”If intimidated, the cat will understand language and sneak   Or run out. The cat is a dogmatic animal and if it needs food it will somehow get screamed at sometimes no matter how intimidating you are it won’t go out if you take the baton and threaten it will lie down.

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   The body language of the cat

The body language of the cat is different from that of the domestic dog. When they see other human beings, they will be frightened and open their eyes as they sit. The body language of all the cats that would happily run and yell when they saw their house owner was not straightforward but it will be mixed or contradictory. Cats can recognize the voices of their owners, although they often choose to ignore them. Anyone who has a cat is unlikely to be surprised by this.

Cats do not respond to the voices of their owners. Rather, they were able to take the voices of their owners from a combination of random voices, indicating recognition through behavioral orientation such as the movement of the ear and head and come to the people who like it cat will stand close and rub the body on the legs. If a cat puts a piece of fish in front of it when it is hungry it will make a strange noise and express its desire or gratitude. You can try this as an experiment.


You leave the house after a long journey and you can not take out the cat home so if you leave the cat at your home the cat will not go out of that house anywhere. if it missing you it will be waiting for you with sadness. If he finds you he will be shout very loudly and express his grief. Because the cat only considers you as its protector.

Cats will hide in fear if strangers come to someone’s house. Then slowly come out and try to find out if the guest is gone and if they are gone it will start to move freely. Home-raised cats will expect love from you. Feel your love when you rub its jaws. Whoever touches the barriers will realize that they are in love with them and the cats will stick with them. Sometimes scratching your head.

 Dogs and cats are interesting creatures, with unusual sensitivity seen for cats rather than dogs exhibiting strange behaviors. What does it have to do with the strange actions cats do and nature?   you can see the most unusual cat behaviors and the reasons behind them. A cat’s favorite toy, a simple cardboard box, Or any enclosed object that includes laundry baskets, suitcases, etc it will sleep in, sit or play with them.    

The cat always considers the boundary of the house where he lives to be his rightful place. If any other cat comes within that range it gets very angry. So screaming, screaming, screaming, and trying to chase them and make fighting if necessary, So it always fights for its rights.

 The cat is usually a secluded animal that sends various physical messages when another animal encounters the cat. Its nervous system automatically records stress and can relax and express tolerance, fear, defensiveness, or aggression. The body generates signals. Understands reactions. When domestic cats are frightened or nervous and defensive, their ears are pulled flat, and they usually observe their surroundings as closely as possible. Then their eyes will widen completely.

 Hiding is normal behavior of cats even indoors and you have seen cats hiding. If you get used to it, cats will hide and play with you and it will be very interesting. Cats licking their bodies is often seen as part of the grooming process. Cats lick and clean their bodies to beautify themselves. Mother cats also lick to clean their kittens. But if a cat licks you, it is usually a sign of your cat’s affection.

Cats use licking to defuse anxiety – just as humans hug   a grown cat will lick you to indicate you’re part of the “family.” Cats also release pheromones when they lick to mark their area, So licking your cat is a way to express love, to claim. Cats notice the mood of humans, so you may notice your cat licking you more if you’re sick or sad. Rubbing or bumping his head on humans is another way to change its smell and claim ownership. The gesture can also be used as a form or to gather information about a new person

Cat, eating grass may seem like strange behavior. The extract from the grass contains folic acid, an important nutrient that supports the health of the cat., If your cat is grazing on grass, it is trying to make up for the lack of food. Catnip is an herb that contains a chemical called nepetalactone This triggers a happy response in cats similar to how humans respond to illusory drugs. However,  eating catnip can be a stimulant for cats, while eating the herb can have a sedative effect.

 But it is an instinct that goes beyond being elegant. Different species of animals use urine and feces to mark their territory.

    A regular pet cat will bury its feces in recognition of the fact that its owner dominates the home. But don’t assume this unnatural cat is rebellious. This behavior was never taught by his mother and it was normal. Just as a dog uses its tail, a cat’s tail is used to communicate and express relationships and happiness. When you tap your cat on the lower back, you may notice that he raises his tail and raises its back in the air – which puts a little pressure to increase pleasure. The base of the tail is more sensitive to cats. 

When you feed the cat, it will start eating very carefully after looking around to see if anyone is stealing its own food. Then if animals like chickens and dogs come, they will run away and chase them away. If domestic cats become accustomed to eating fish, they will not eat rats or cockroaches but they will kill and play with them.  Kill the rat outside the house and put it on the front porch or in the yard of your house to show you its victory.  

  “Olfaction in mammals” Cats have twice as much sense of smell like humans. The mouth of cats and many other animals contains Jacobson’s organ,(part of the olfactory system of reptiles and mammals, which does not occur in all tetrapod groups. This is a patch of sensitive cells inside the main nasal chamber that detect highly moisture-borne odor particles.) It is used in the process of fleeing behavior. This allows us to feel certain scents in a way that humans cannot perceive.

 The sexual behavior of cats is different than that of dogs who have sexual feelings for them twice a year at a time when they leave their location and go through their partner  Outside. The sound of their excited curiosity during that sexual behavior could be strange to us so cats interested in sexual behavior would come back to their own home in the morning to dine and go back to looking for his couple all night and they would be with the pair without coming home

 .Cats and dogs are considered part of human culture. Raising cats and dogs brings peace of mind to people who consider them members of the family. Psychologists believe that watching them, feeding them, playing with them, and enjoying their activities is a comfort to the human mind.    These animals distract us and comfort the mind, so people close to the cat use some language for them, which cats understand well and react accordingly.  Cat dog rearing is a type of  remedy for people with depression  

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