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We live during the most terrible disasters in our lives. When we try to recover from every affliction, we recover and fall into another tragedy. Because of this, our resources are wasted to recover from these degradations and nature is destroying our resources. heavy rains and earthquakes and landslides are frequently carried out before our eyes, and we feel awe.  when we think about how we’re going to recover from these things, from Europe to china the  situation is very serious 

  Course, here. when we don’t know what the perspective is about to happen, when the world around us is uncertain, we don’t know what the rulers are doing and what kind of understanding they have about it. Not everyone may be like Trump. But there is doubt about the dedication of the leaders. No matter what anyone thinks? We can’t be sure for the moment what our future situation will look like

  But it is somewhat predictable to us that they are not going to be favorable. That guess is not only for us also for all our leaders, so the answer is disappointing if we evaluate what kind of decisions our leaders have taken to save the world. So far, we do not know how our heads of state have information about climate change forecasting. These leaders often convene conferences on business risks. It does not examine the fact that it is formed due to the negative stability of climate change.

 But we can only guess somewhat that they are not going to be favorable. That guess is not only for us but for all our leaders, so the answer is disappointing if we evaluate what kind of decisions our leaders have taken to save the world. So far, we do not know how our heads of state have information about climate change forecasting. About Business risk also.

That is, it has now changed its way, including self-annihilation and the unthinkable creation of Homo sapiens Novus, and human activities that change the basic aspects of human existence and its nature through self-produced decay in its history are falling into an era of “human transformation.”   Some of the dangerous results of climate human activity are due to the decisions of governments, which seem to be playing something behind the productive society. Although the world can be rebuilt due to scientific and technological activities, the Government and other establishments must formulate radical new policies based on the re-evaluation of some of the new regulations that have now been adopted openly. Radical innovations, institutions, and policies are essential to prevent self-destruction and to make it easier for diversity to grow.

  Over the past century, the earth’s average temperature has risen to 1.8 ° F. Over the next hundred years, scientists predict a further 0.5 to 8.6 ° F in temperatures. The reason for this temperature change is human activities that have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (such as methane, nitrous oxide, and fluoride gases) into the atmosphere. Most greenhouse gases generate energy by burning fossil fuels.

    The results of this global warming include rising sea temperature, high acidity sea, melting ice, and sea levels. The negative effects of human-driven climate change will continue with devastating effects: the sea continues to rise, clearing and eliminating   beaches and habitats of marine wildlife; Warming seas drive sea animals further north, leading to cooler shock and further reducing the success of sea turtle hatching;

And the effects of marine acidification will become more dangerous for all marine life. Our specific climate change elastic strategy is always changing, and at present it is double.  We face backlash to allow marine wildlife to recover from the already occurring climate change impacts and we fight against the mindless (leaders) Policy and anti-environmental legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that accelerate the effects of climate change on marine life and the entire planet, mitigate our contribution to climate change and create more social resilience to deal with its consequences Everyone can take simple steps. However, it is important that we stand with other security agencies to make those most responsible for anthropological climate change truly accountable – governments, fossil fuel industries, and lobbying, plastic stake dispersal are dangers

Disruptive technology Artificial Intelligence “robotics” molecular engineering is sure to transform working -markets by implementing high productivity. Scientific and technological advances can bring human prosperity, but if it continues mass killings due to factors in natural disasters will continue until human existence is ended.

  Recognizing some of the most obvious high risks of science and technology could lead to misuse in the world, leading to catastrophic accidents. Now various studies and opinions are presented among scientists and intellectuals in this regard. We can therefore set out a pilot programmer for the world to save the world by exerting their pressure on the government and global institutions in the way that the whole world can accept the position possible on climate change in today’s times.

  But this is a challenging task and there are no universally common systems for developing consensus. The process conditions have not been fulfilled for that purpose. There is not enough understanding between countries on climate change and disasters. Democratic forms are not established for this purpose globally. No mass movement surging in order to save the world, supporting the control of dangerous knowledge and tools. Even if the wise movements are formed, their effectiveness is very weak.

  The world is going through a dangerous phase by failing to bring in adequate measures against the effects of “greenhouses” and environmental damage.   Credibility in internet media globally is doubtful.   They do not act with constant true commitment.  They are not truly strong. Unless a strict and decisive global personality is established, no “coalition of willing ones can impose the necessary measures on the unwilling. Moreover, economic interest groups will actively improve the qualities of political leaders supported by believers in the ‘cover of free markets’ and ‘the tyrannies of the present state’. Putting them first are the main responsibilities of think tanks, epistemic societies, or the intellectuals who are thinking for themselves, and who are in the public interest. It’s mentally they can get back from the blind, …


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