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Divorce and its causes

Divorce is not only a very distressing issue but it also affects the children, family relationships, and the community. In this case, the couple leaves each other at will, and the husband or wife unwillingly separates. There are those who turn away from men and thus separate so as not to disturb one another, and there are those who   endure disputes and on the other hand, their opinions and doctrines disagree

But because of divorce, children, parents, the elderly, and siblings who are in the family today are greatly affected mentally and physically. Dreams and memories that were once nurtured are later shattered by divorce. This leads to many tragic events such as the separation of children and the separation of property. Family values are greatly facing depreciation due to divorce. This situation is more prevalent in Eastern countries than in western countries. I.e. It is seen as a cultural factor.

Common factors for divorce

The psychological contradictions underlying these divorce proceedings are the fact that the husband and wife do not tolerate each other, do let down each other, speak openly about each other’s grievances, lack support for one’s actions, and that the husband and wife live in distress throughout the day. One of the main factors is that if one cannot satisfy the other sexually, there is a high chance of such divorces.   

What I’m saying here is that it is good for divorcees to think that children are the first victims of this divorce process. Those who love and cherish their children can make arrangements for their separation when they are forced to think about this issue multiple times and not be able to live together. After all, children are the first victims of divorce. .41 percent of children in the United States are children born to divorced mothers.

Status of children  

It is a bad move of parents for a divorced husband and wife to take revenge on each other because of their anger, and because of these incidents, children are distressed, sorrowful, and crying money and force can be used here to attract the children.

 Children’s Attitude  

Due to these tragic events, the children’s future life may be affected. It is advisable for parents to assume beforehand that children are growing up to be intolerant,  irritable, mentally disturbed, and person with negative qualities. Before the divorce, the child should act responsibly before the children. Parents may abuse the children, speak harshly, express anger, and in that case, parents may force or provoke children to stand on one side.

This is an immediate result of sadness, depression, loneliness, and anxiety, but conflicting faith, doubt if everything is rejected, and lack of self-confidence until later in life  When this situation occurs, children who love both will suffer psychologically. then they will long for their love and protection.   They will be afraid and insensitive to their behavior.   Children of divorced parents experience increased psychological problems regardless of age, gender, culture. Studies have shown that children of divorced parents are more likely to have behavioral disorders and criminal activities.   

Educational activities of divorced children.

Educational activities of divorced children.

Children of divorced parents are not naturally able to engage in classroom activities in education. His thoughts are mostly on loving parents, children who are worried about the negative actions of parents. They often feel isolated and abandoned. The continuum of those thoughts puts stress on them.

Due to this, children are not able to engage in educational activities. They face various problems at school then. Not only are they unable to properly understand the learning techniques, but they are also unable to solve the problems involved. Overall, the study shows how divorce can affect a child’s personality, self-esteem, and academic performance.

Sexual behavior of children   

Studies have shown that children of divorced parents engage in stray behaviors after they reach teenage years of age they involved drinking alcohol, drug addiction, engaging in early sexual activity, inducing force, and rape. 

studies have shown that children of divorced parents, who are on average 5 years old, engage in sexual behavior when they reach teenage years of age. According to the Study by “Marry Media”, children of divorced parents have increased premarital sex and teenage sexual activity. The possibility of early sexual activity before marriage is generally more common in fatherless families.  This is generally the case in additional US, African and European countries. These studies suggest that the chances of having sex before the age of 18 are 42%.

Studies have shown that in Latin American countries, girls under the age of 18 have a 72% increased chance of having early sex. The root cause of these actions is not only the need for sexual intercourse, but also their loneliness and their feeling that they need companionship, and divorce prompts them to go to a male or female partner. This stimulus can cause such sexual activities to take place at some point it brings children into teenage pregnancy. It helps in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual activity in teenagers is more intense than in adults according to these studies 

 Children settling for divorce

Some children resolve their parents’ divorce issues voluntarily. There are also parents who are not divorced because of their love for their children. Their behaviors are seen as mutually supportive of each other caring for the child even after divorce. On the other hand, there are parents who are separated without getting divorced due to their children. Divorced parents’ positive interactions with children, caring for the child’s interests, showing affection, and avoiding conflict are opportunities for children to adjust to their psychology.

Good understanding parents will always be very concerned about protecting their children’s self-esteem. If the parents are concerned about their children then the parents will be very careful in the activities of the children even after getting divorced.

Most importantly, it is very important for parents to be careful about this in this regard against children who have reached the age of teenage years. Parents should then be aware of the behavior of their children’s friends, friends, and other relationships. Parents should observe adverse and negative conditions and certainly keep themselves in a gentle, kind manner to their children, to give them grievances, and to help them get out of problems. 

.Because parents are separated, parents need the understanding to help their children develop and develop the ability to cope with anything in their lives. It is the duty of parents to inculcate in their children a sense of responsibility for their own safety and that they have the ability to meet their own needs and to be confident that they can handle their future well-being by speaking openly about problems. Children, on the other hand, are left with feelings of separation from their parents when it comes to self-confidence about being able to have a good education and their intellectual and career opportunities in the future.

How Divorce Affects Children’s Educational Behavior

The study also found that children’s math scores decline during and after parental divorce. Again, parents have a great influence on their child’s sense of self-worth, and there are many things parents can do to increase it and alleviate some of the stress that children experience due to divorce. This can lead to low self-esteem in children after divorce, usually due to not observing the lessons in the classroom. Studies show that students get lower marks, especially in math.  Observe their backwardness in school activities such as sports, abstaining from school activities

Health and children

Studies show that the health of divorced children is greatly affected so that parents can present advice to their children on how to solve problems so that their health is not affected.

It is normal for children of parents separated from a group to work for a relationship, in which case they can not only establish a relationship with a friend or relative but also use the cat and dog they came to their life with a place to be friendly with her.

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