Giving In


Giving In

The website you see right now was the result of the 10k Challenge. OK, I can’t give them the full credit. All Heather and Pete wanted me to do was to get set up to create an email list.

For anyone actually paying attention, my goal was to build this website for as cheaply as possible (see: free). I did give it the ole’ college try, I promise. I actually “played myself” as they say.

I was reminiscing on a past website project and sorta kicking myself at how I let it go and lost all of the information I collected (it was very niche). I was also staring at the newly released EXACT URL that I wanted for that website. And that’s what got me.

I wanted to tackle all of these websites at the same time, and silly me, I misinterpreted what “unlimited websites” meant when I bought in to Hostinger’s hosting services. It’s not their fault….It’s my fault for getting my hopes up and being blinded by lucrative possibilities!

So I bought Hostingers services for 4 years. It was actually quite a bit cheaper than BlueHost (You know that hosting service that Google likes to shove down your throat every time you buy a cheap domain?)

Hostinger’s offered services and speed actually way outperformed BlueHost as well. So even though I bought in due to my own misleading thoughts, I’m actually quite impressed so far! Not to mention their customer service is excellent. I’m needy and they never once got upset or rushed me. It was awesome! I even worked with multiple people getting all set up.

I digress….

So now what? I’ve got to import my my old blogs! Right? Okay that’s really where I fell in to the Rabbit Hole.

So I had to build the whole damned thing from scratch. Again. It’s been about 10 hours, and I’ve only JUST NOW finished the task from the challenge for yesterday. As soon as I had the website “launchable” I could finally start putting together the mailing list.

Oops, can’t really do anything with the “Jetpack” plug in. Yeah okay, it looks like it offers a lot and it’s got SEO stuff. *click*

Aaaaaaaaand there goes another years’ subscription to Paypal.

Curse you Paypal for making buying so easy!!!

I manged to find some FREE email list builders (SumoMe and MailChimp). Of course, the 10K Challenge had a whole spiel about their recommended (see: affiliate) email list builder, with one easy-to-miss sentence saying “well, you don’t have to use this, it’s just our totally unbiased recommendation. PS It’s an affiliate”. Not falling for that one, friends!

I’d like to see how my free stuff works first.

So now that my $ seal has been broken, I’m a bit more open to services that may help.

See? It’s a rabbit hole…

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