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Handwriting is a kind of reflection of our mood. Handwriting experts say that one’s mental and psychological mode can be detected with handwriting. Their argument is that handwriting reveals the movement of our brain. There have been several studies on this handwriting investigation for a very long time. Andrew Nicole (Andreas Nichol) works for a car company in 1988. A fellow officer of his company smuggled the parts of the car owned by the company through proper correspondence and sold it to someone else. It is impossible to believe that the particular officer had made an error and could not find out how the scandal occurred.  

So the managers of the company considered the transaction legal. Later, after the nats left, the correspondence was examined due to suspicions of the transaction, but they could not find out easily. Later, an examination of the scripts found there by handwriting analytics experts revealed the real culprit who held the post of vice president of the company.  From this, it was discovered how subtle the manuscript analysis was and how helpful it would be to find out one’s criminal activities, which was accepted by various departments. After that incident, more than 3,000 companies had handwriting analytics experts to track down criminals in the United States. In some regions of Europe and Israel, the manuscript analysis served as a legitimate branch of psychological study. This analysis is now being taught in universities as well. the manuscript analysis employs more than 80 percent of the largest companies in West Germany and several hundred employees of major Israeli companies in Switzerland alone.

 What we know from this is that handwriting is a testimony to our brains. This is “the writing of the brain,” says Long Island, New York, psychologist Ivey Helstein, who says, “Your unconscious mind betrays your mind under your fingers.” The manuscript analytics experts who examine what types of characteristics they show by analyzing a handwriting sample say the following is one’s handheld form 

1. Exhibits physical and emotional characteristics.

2. It reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the mood of human beings.

3. Shows the level of self-confidence in a person.

4 Handwriting will guide the impact of an incident on the day.

5 This handwriting reveals one’s lead character.

6 We can see through handwriting the planning and organizing capacity that one has.

7 Exhibits based on a person can manage financial management

8.Exhibits Negative sexual behavior

9. Exhibits Ability to work in various pressures

10.Exhibitpicturemanuscript to handle conflicts

11 . Exhibits Creative skills

12. ExhibitsConfidence or distrust

13. ExhibitsAttitude to work as a team 

When we examine what such handwriting expresses from us, our mind is naturally subject to the excitement, anger, peace, feelings of love, sober tendency, and indifference. Accordingly, in the form of a message, this sensation is sent through our nervous system to the arm and foot muscles, and in this place when the message comes from the brain through various nerves between the fingers, it betrays our emotions to study this in detail, the following features are part of the study of letterforms of writing 

            1. Style of writing

 2. Points


 4.Rotation of writing

 5. Size of letter

 6. Length of letter

7. Size of letter

8 . The gap between words

 Other symbols that end the comma half point we use  In keeping with these, handwriting experts examine one’s mental state.  McCalls Annie can find out how angry a person is, how nervous he is and how much personality he has. Because not all people in the world use their signatures the same way.  

Handwriting varies minutely, just as faces differ between human beings. It is on that basis that a trained handwriting analytics expert can use the handwriting as an investigation to detect fraud, says The manuscript analytics experts Ruth Prayer, president of Services International,   

The courts of many countries in the world and various institutions, lawyers, detectives, and other analysts who work there use this handwriting study for various reasons The most important thing that can be obtained at the end of the analysis is that when what you say and your handwriting are the same, you become a special person for that signature. 

 Handwriting experts can be investigated what do you think of your mother   How honest are you? How far are you the best in society and family? How would you be an optimist? Many things, such as your signature, can be identified through your handwriting.  Tilt, pressure, space,  the way you combine the border, letters, and your writing will show you who you are. 

The simplest thing is that handwriting captures the mental state of the people living in society today. Keeping someone’s handwriting and observing his interesting activities will help us to make a transaction with him and prepare us for various other exchanges. According to what handwriting analysis experts have said 

1.A circular character indicates that he has a flexible attitude. 

2. One’s crooked sharp writings show that he is aggressive and critically expresses himself.  

3. It shows that those who use hidden letters while writing are quick to decide and are fast-moving.

4..Write the attached letters to show that they work with reason.

5. They write letters at intervals, showing that loneliness is also shy.

6. Writing letters upwards are selfconscious.

7. Writing letters with downward knowledge Those with depression and insomnia are seen as self-centered defensive figures who always make sure that he is not harmed.

 Your friends and relatives will change and you can observe how those you want handle the letters 

This will help bring out special features of hidden skills in a person. Karen Greenhouse Associates, Medical Office (Los Angeles) consultant has begun using writing analysis to increase high productivity and for their career advice. The personality characteristics that can be laid down by a handwriting analysis are as follows

1 If you stretch out and write, you may be arrogant. , your Is is superior on the page, you may have an active imagination. A close-dotted ” is is a symbol of an organized and detail-oriented mind. If your i” is on the left, you might be a procrastinator. If you mention you I with a circle that is, you may have playful and childlike qualities.


2.A clear signature is a sign of one’s confidence, while a vague signature is a sign of a person or a difficult person.  


3. Those who write in phrases out of gaps want to enjoy freedom.


4.At the same time, the writer who combines their words wants the company of others. may tend to gather your, or people,


5.The pressure, tension, and anger of very heavy writing is also a sign of determination.    Picture 5

6.At the same time, mild soft writing soft pressure means that you are empathetic;  

Picture: NO:6

7.How do you write your letter “t” According to handwriting analytics experts, if you write “t” with a long crosssection, you are a determinedly enthusiastic person, perhaps in harmony with stubborn tendencies. 


8. If you use a short line, you may be a lazy person. Picture  


9.If you have small letters, you may have many goals,

10.The direction of your slope can tell what your handwriting says about you Right tilt means you want to meet and work with new people, 

 Picture NO: 10

11. The left tilt means that you want to keep yourself apart.  

 Picture. NO:11

12.The widely-looped “L” indicates that you are sober and spontaneous, 

picture: 12.

13.At the same time, a short or retreated “L” is a person who controls yourself. 

 Picture .NO:13

14. Your writing is an indicator of the hook personality in “y”. 

Picture NO:14

15. A wide ring means you’ve got a  big circle of friendships, 

Picture NO:15.

16.At the same time a thin ring says you choose people close to you. 

Picture 16.

17.A short hook can be a signal to wander.

 Picture NO:17.

18.A Sign of an intelligent person who can prevent aggression indicated if your letters are round or pointing, circular writings indicate your creativity and artistic ability. 

Picture NO:18.

19.If you are a quick writer, you are impatient. They may also not like wasting time. 

Picture NO: 19.

20. If you try to reduce your words, you are self-confident and live within a system so Medicine can be a good profession for you. Find out why doctors have such a short signature. 

Picture NO:20

21.According to handwriting analytics experts, when writing the tilt of your writing, you have a good chance of lying.    Family can play a role.
Picture NO: 21

22. Your life will be very confusing if you write without proper punctuation

 Picture NO:22

23.If you use multiple exclamation marks or punctuation, you may be an emotional person The use of excessive punctuation may also be a sign that you have a slightly more aggressive personality

 Picture NO:23 

24.If your o are generally covered, you can keep yourself and be very introverted. If your o are generally open, there is a good chance of social and outback.  

Picture NO: 24  

25.If your e is short, you will not be affected by doubt and emotions PictureNO: 25 

67.If you are generally big you may be ready to try new things with an open mind.


Now that you know what your handwriting reveals, compare yourself with this study to what your community says about you. Hereafter use and sign your documents accordingly. Clear handwriting is a sign of trust and comfort in one’s fingers, while handwriting is a personal or hard-to-read identity. Like this find out what your favorite music says about you. our writing aligns us daily, just as handwriting guides the uniqueness of our brains.   It provides some kind of training to the brain The writing I write helps my brain to move in the right direction, so it is a fact that many people’s lives are better when the connection between the brain and the handwriting is healthy.

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