Is  Ukrainian an abandoned country in the world?

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Russia’s actions since 2014 have created tensions in the region by supporting Ukraine’s eastern regional separatist rebels, and now the situation has only intensified, with reports of self-attacks on Ukrainian military infrastructure and the entry of Russian troops from all directions into Ukraine, and the world has always paid a heavy price for danger and intimidation. 

Ukrainian an abandoned country

In any case, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a giant blow to the sovereignty of a country. During a time in history, he fought a united to protect himself from humans animals.  Time has passed and today there has been a situation where man has to fight to see his replacement man as a beast and protect himself from him.  Russia’s war on Ukraine is like the big tiger killing the small deer for his prey.

 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is unjustified, keeping in mind certain assumptions against the will of the people for an independent country. This war is brutal on humanitarian grounds, although sometimes some people try to justify these events on theoretical grounds. It is very unfortunate that an even stronger country invades a country with a weaker army. How the US has acted treacherously by carrying out incursions into Iraq and Syria    The world sees Russia’s action on Ukraine in the same light today.

Russia has said its troops will be involved in peacekeeping operations in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which have been arbitrarily declared republics. The United States has accused Russian troops of calling it “peacekeeping” nonsense and creating a false pretext for war.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Chelyansky says Russia is deliberately violating its sovereignty. U.S. Ambassador Linda Satin said that recognizing the Donetsk and Luhansk regions as independent states was one of Russia’s reasons for invading Ukraine. The main reason for this war is the fear that Ukraine will join NATO.

Despite the fact that the declaration of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions as an independent state was cited by Russia as the reason for its aggression against Ukraine, it seems that Russia intends to seize the whole of Ukraine in view of the nature of the war. The United States and European countries fear that Putin is seeking to create a wider Russia. Russia does not seem to be paying attention to the UN Security Council’s repeated discussions to insist on a compromise and a ceasefire. Putin did not care about the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and European countries.

At the same time, he called on the people to go to war, saying that the people would be provided with weapons and that they themselves would have to defend their emperor. Especially the Ukrainian people who are armed.

It is noteworthy that President Volodymyr Chelyansky has promised to stand up for his soil to the end. The USA   offered to help the United States leave the country safely, but he refused.

 Economic Sanctions 

     The United States, European countries, Australia and Japan have all imposed sanctions on Ukraine. For the supply of gas for a 1200 km long gas pipeline from the coast of Zenbeitzberg in Russia to Lamin in Germany below the Baltic Sea. Germany suspends permission for Stream-2 gas pipeline but former Ukrainian President Dmitry Medvedev says it is “this  is for a simple reason – the political inability to change Russia’s (Western) course.”

Condemnation of the world

 Putin’s military action has drawn strong condemnation and opposition from around the world. US President Joe Biden describes the operation as a “planned war that will bring catastrophic casualties and human suffering.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Putin’s “brutal attempt will ultimately fail”

Despite protests and uprisings against Russian warfare in many parts of the world, Putin has yet to take into his account. On the other hand, even if Russia asks him to lay down his arms and come to talks, the Ukrainian president is not ready to submit.

At this point, Russian forces began to infiltrate many areas around Ukraine. Russian forces have entered Ukraine not only from the eastern regions but also from the northern region of Belarus. But the people and the country remain in the position of being their independent country. Diplomatic sources confirmed to Reuters on Sunday that ceasefire violations in several parts of eastern Ukraine had been recorded by observers of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

NATO abandons Ukraine

But the United States and European countries did not come forward to help Ukraine, as the world had hoped. Ukraine is at war with Russia as an isolated country. This is a pathetic situation. Within eight hours of the war against Ukraine, Russian troops entered the Ukrainian capital, Kovi, and several major cities came under heavy attack by Russian forces.

It is a pity that the people of Ukraine run on the streets without knowing anything. More than one lakh people have been displaced as refugees to neighboring countries. No country has yet come forward to help that country unless the nations of the world view that country with sympathy as an observer. This has created a situation where it can give Russia more opportunities.

According to some critics, the world today does not want to clash with Russia. These countries are said to be afraid that the world will know their weakness if Russia collides. NATO nations say Ukraine will not be able to carry out military operations because it is not a member of NATO


But Russia’s strong accusation against Ukraine is that Ukraine is trying to the internet on NATO. But NATO, which has repeatedly demanded that Ukraine be included in the NATO system, did not include it. But all that was left was to deceive the country by promising to join NATO. Despite repeated attempts by Ukraine to the internet in the EU, these countries did not respond positively.

The European Union was reluctant to include Ukraine in the squad because Ukraine is a poor country and would have to provide a lot of economic assistance and jobs if it joins NATO. But it is now clear that the countries and the United States saw the need to use Ukraine as dice to fight Russia. In this situation, Ukraine is currently at war with Russia as an abandoned country.

Criticism is strong that the US has dragged Russia into the war. This is because, at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, when countries like Ukraine seceded, the West and the United States promised Russia that they would not include these countries in NATO. In contrast, the United States and European countries have joined NATO in several Eastern European countries. There is currently tension over the inclusion of Ukraine. The United States and European countries still do not have the right answer.

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