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In 1946, Lepa Radic fully known as Lepa Svetozara Radić (1925-1943) was a 15-year-old teenage girl when the German Nazi forces invaded Yugoslavia. The idea that the Nazis were invading her country for no reason consumed her. She could not accept the Invasion. So she started fighting against Germany along with Yugoslavian political parties.

The journey of Lepa Radic

Lepa Radić was born in 1925, this young Leba Radic lived in a village called  ‘Gasnica’   near     Bosanska Gradiška. After in northwestern Bosnia. She was a vibrant young woman who saw and loved her country and community through her beautiful eyes. 

Her family belonged to the working class. As her mother and father were members of the Communist Party, she eagerly listened to her parents’ conversations and recorded them in her mind at an early age.

Journey of lepa radic

 In 1941, Radić joined the Partisan Party of Yugoslavia. Then Yugoslavian President Tito’s sole aim was to overthrow the Axis Powers and establish a nation-state in the country. That was the aim of the party. At that time the Yugoslavs people were divided into two factions. A section supported the old monarchy with a nationalist drive. Other separatist party members opposed Sentix. Because Partisan were seen as communists. 

Lepa and german

 By then, German forces were in control of Yugoslavia’s city roads and city centers. But they were unable to get beyond the Yugoslav forces and take control of the mountainous areas of Yugoslavia as easily as they had hoped. Serbian forces fought against German forces within the mountain ridges.

Beginning as a member of the Communist Youth League of Yugoslavia (SKOJ), he eventually joined the Communist Party of Yugoslavia in 1941 at the age of 15.

Lepa radic story

  Later in 1941, the entire Radik family was arrested by the pro-Nazi Ustal government.

But with the help of secret allies, Lepa and his sister Tara managed to escape from prison on 23 December 1941.

Leparadyk and his sister Tabira later became permanent members of the Lepa Radic Krajewski Detachment 7th Partisan. Later, he joined Prince Eugen in the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division.

German nazis

 Later Leparadyk and his sister Tabira became members of the partisan movement, Lepa  Radic bravely becoming permanent members of the Krajewski Detachment 7th Partisan. On the battlefield, Leba was very active.

He excelled in evacuating wounded soldiers from the field, providing medical aid to them, and rescuing people and knights trapped by Nazi forces

German nazis

It was awe-inspiring to see her fighting in the field with a gun on her back. In  1943, when she was 17. She bravely fought to rescue girls trapped by   Nazi forces. Unfortunately, she was caught by the Nazi forces. And then his younger brother was sent to the Jasenovac concentration camp run by Croatian quislings known as Ustaz.

 In February 1943, Leba Radic was responsible for transporting the wounded from the Battle of Neretva to the shelter in Krmek.

During the fight against Prinseugen of the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division, she opened fire on the Nazi forces in a near-death attempt to save herself from the Nazis but was finally captured by them.

After her capture, she was transferred to Pozanska Krupa, where she was tortured for several days in an attempt to coerce information from her.

 The Nazis kept her in solitary confinement and tortured her to extract information from her. But it was not possible for them. They could not get even a single piece of information from her. She was finally sentenced to death. On February 8, 1943, it was decided to hang her in public. 

lepa radic

In the last moments, Communist Party leaders and party members voluntarily tried to save her life but she refused the offer given by them.

A few minutes before the execution the captain of the Nazi force told her that if she tell the names of her comrades, then she could be released from capital punishment.

But she didn’t budge ” I am not a traitor to my people, whom you are asking about they will reveal who they are after they succeed in destroying all evildoers like you.

Then she was hanged, with onlookers weeping. But the legacy of Lepa’s struggle for freedom and liberation spirit lives on till today. In 1951, Lepadi was Order of the National Hero (disambiguation).

lepa radic

 Awarded the honorary title of National Hero by the Government of Yugoslavia. After witnessing Lebaratic’s death, fellow movement members Hans Schall and Shal Rose continued Leba’s work against the Nazis. Later they too were killed by Nazi forces.

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