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We all have a desire to keep our bodies beautiful and healthy. The mind gets tired when you stand in front of the mirror and are accused of being fat. The mind rejoices when it realizes that I am beautiful, slim, and sized. We are constantly working on this effort to transform our normal bodies. We exercise, try to cut down on food, and give up foods that we consider unnecessary.

Generally Due to this women usually spend a part of their daily life on this physical beauty. In addition, various cosmetics can work wonders for your face and body. Even though we realize that it affects our body in an unhealthy way, the stress of wanting to be beautiful motivates us to use cosmetics. Women, in particular, are unable to recover from these until a certain age  

Body image is the subjective feeling of a person’s own body. Feelings, thoughts, and behaviors related to body image can have a huge impact on your mental health and how you treat yourself

 We aspire to keep our bodies beautiful and attractive. Women are greatly at the forefront of keeping themselves beautiful in that way. Because the body is the first sight of man. It is in that view that the record makes the assessment of that man. We all often struggle to be beautiful, young, and healthy. The success or failure of that struggle is determined every day by our level mirror. So we tend to fix that failure and move forward

 Women get their minds healthy and happy when they come to a conclusion that their body is young, beautiful, and fit. This also applies to men. But that happiness often does not last. Because our body is constantly changing every day. This condition occurs when the body is in a state of flux.

So the mind gets pleasure when it gets physical beauty accordingly. The mind gets tired when the beauty of the body is slightly diminished like that. Because beauty is the most precious thing to every human being. It determines political, social, and economic issues. When someone with charisma speaks from the political stage his vote bank increases. The glamorous man or a woman. So we are always expressing beauty in facial expressions, body language, and in our clothes    

We stand in the market as the biggest consumers to get modern beauty devices to keep the body beautiful and attractive. We spend tens of thousands of rupees on something special, at ceremonies, weddings, and festivities, to make our face, our dress looks attractive. In Asian and African countries today, as in the West, many people go to beauty salons to keep their bodies beautiful  

 The woman, who psychical decorated their body more than 60, was viewed with suspicion. At that time the ratings about their eligibility were low. That is not the case today and that situation is now reversed. If she or he is not dressed up perfectly,   society will not take her into account but also try to ignore them as a conservative.

Today the media plays a very important role in getting the best positive body shapes today. The media encourages us to enhance our beauty. Even though we support other realities about beauty standards, psychologically we are very careful in achieving beauty achievements because we are trained for them.

Body beauty is the combination of healthy exercise, a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, and pleasurable hygiene practices. Our physical beauty and health depend on the extent to which we follow this practice. We need to understand that physical beauty is based on age and age.  

 But women and men want to live with better body models with the guidelines followed by modern beauty standards. We need to understand that unhealthy eating habits excessive physical exercise and unhealthy beauty devices distort our natural beauty. We must first acknowledge and admit that we are in for a rude awakening. But adding more beauty to that natural beauty will distort our natural beauty.

Our minds get tired when our environment i.e. our family, friends, relatives, neighbors, economic problems surrounds us with so many problems like this. Due to this, our physical health will decline. Because of this, we stop focusing on our bodies. It can make our bodies very vulnerable to chronic. So to balance ourselves to some extent from depression and keep us from getting stressed. It will give us the opportunity to maintain our health and beauty


The notion that women are only valuable for their beauty has permeated modern society. This is the situation from the billboards we pass through to the social media we use every day. The fact that women need to be improved in their appearance is completely ingrained in the minds and actions of men. So the body and beauty of the woman are considered first.

 It is good to understand that you do not have to love everything about your body. It’s okay to feel neutral about your body. Your value is not in your figure your body size or any other aspect of your appearance, the figure depends on the nature of the mind.

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