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It has been 67 years since the death of Marilyn Monroe on June first.  When a celebrity dies with fame that fame would continue until the end of their lives. Marley Monroe is still alive in the mind of tens of thousands of people last 67 years.  

The feeling and impact on her have been spread all over the world. ‘Devid Conover, her husband says ‘she has a great look on her face and an amazing pulse attached to it ‘

 Norma Jeane later she was named Marlin Monroe begins her life with a lonely struggle in the absence of a father. She is seen as a woman with the most fun, intelligent, ambitions despite the odds.

She was a  very weak female artist who was passionate about men’s recognition and safety. The world has never seen the real Marilyn Monroe

The audience saw  Marilyn Monroe was only seen as the unparalleled sexiest doll  and was portrayed as a symbol of her lust through photos, movies, commercials, and rumors. She is bored with patriarchy and men’s dreams. Her figure is still seen today as an attractive virgin. But behind her was the resilience and sadness of a life surrounded by frustration and anxiety. But their beauty, gentle vision, kind language, and publicity impressed the fans. It was only after his demise that his fan base grew.  

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The painters, artists, and poets became enamored with Marley’s beauty and became world-famous making her the source of their creations. The painters, artists, and poets who became enamored with Marley’s beauty and became world-famous made her the source of their creations.  Marley’s beauty, charisma, and childish sin culminated in her performance. Directors and artists made millions by keeping her as a raw material

Marilyn Monroe is a great singer


 Marlin was not only a performer but also a great singer who could sing emotionally. In those days it was rare to see a woman who could sing as emotionally as she did. Her beautiful, singing style also captivated the audience. Even though she was the best singer her outward beauty refused to recognize her musical beauty.

Until At last, she was not recognized as a great singer.  her name does not appear on the list of the best singers in the world. But she sang to herself in every one of his films. Has sung over 45 songs.  Childish elegance in her dances and facial expressions as she sings. Emotions are irreplaceable by others, she could have been her world-famous singer even if she had been a singer without being an actress.

 Her singing talent also earned her the opportunity to star in her first film “Ladies of Sour”. Every child needs a dad “, and” Anyone can see I love you “songs are mesmerizing. But the bourgeois thought of how much money a woman could make by keeping her if she appeared on stage elevated her further and further, and even those who wrote songs for her emphasized her glamorous expression without paying attention to her inner feelings.

The songs she sang were full of erotic lines and lust. Her then racially incomprehensible age at that time and the fame she gained at that young age dragged her somewhere in the recovery from poverty.

  The way Marlimanro was raised as a child is tragic. She lived in a dark environment in her youth. She was sexually abused by her foster parents when she was a child. An old man named Kimmel. She fought with him when he tried to rape her. When he told Kimmel’s wife about it, she was accused of lying.    

 violation of little girls will affect their psychology for the rest of their lives, which is what greatly affected Marlin and her. Marilyn Monroe later commented, “My whole world went dark in those days. I was scared not knowing how to get out of it.”

 In 1942, at the age of  16th, he was forced to marry. She agrees to the marriage for fear of going to an orphanage. Her husband’s name is “James Dougherty, ” and he works on a merchant ship. Loneliness haunted her on the days he went to work. To alleviate her loneliness she joined the work at the “County” Air Force Base.

James Dougherty, Marilyn Monroe's First Husband Who Didn't Get To Meet Her
Marlin- James Edward Dougherty

 At that time there was a great turning point in her life. That day he meets the photographer ” Devid Connor ” 1944, who agrees to pay $ 5 an hour to photograph her as a model. It was that one photo that caught the world’s eye on her. Shined on the cover pages of 33 notable magazines in a single year.

Donald O'Connor - Wikipedia
Devid Corner

The natural desires of her teenage years filled her mind. But there are very few moments when she gets used to talking to my husband. He beautified herself to pass his lonely time. She learned to adorn her body. She learned to impress men with her physical beauty.

She knew then the weaknesses of men and the strengths of women. She is an innocent,  ignoramus. The one she can trust everyone is the one,   She is Gullible. This is well known to her husband. But the environment changed her. She could not deny the fame she had gained by her beauty and the charming gestures of the facial expressions that enchanted her. Her husband, James Dougherty “Magazine photographers have destroyed her innocence through gambling.” She divorced her husband at the age of 20 due to her loneliness and circumstances.

But he entered the screen in his 20s. He signed a contract with Century Box, where he agreed to pay $ 75 a week. Her name was changed to Marilyn on the recommendation of the film director. She changed her unforgettable mother’s name to “Marilyn Monroe”.

 But when she started acting, she was criticized for not acting and his director fired him from the acting industry. Her foster parents had already abandoned her due to divorce. The industry is gone. The existing money has also been dissolved. The 20-year-old girl did not know what to do. If she wanders for money and food,

Johnny Hyde,

So she survived by dancing in nightclubs. But Marilyn Monroe did not give up her attempt and continued to apply for acting with several directors. Johnny Hyde, who organizes funds for Hollywood cinema, took great care to fix her body’s l physical disabilities to further check her beautiful appearance he himself accepted the full cost of the regulation of plastic surgery on her body and began to give her new film opportunities.

Once again the spring of her life began to dawn. She had the opportunity to star in the film” Ladies of the Course”.

She later fell in love with Columbia Pixus composer Fred Corker. But his motive her for his lust rather than her love, So it is said that the physically and mentally exhausted mind became frustrated and repeatedly attempted suicide.  

Johnny  Hyde, a Hollywood company investor, offered to help Marilyn, who had several film opportunities at the time. But in the end, she did not get a chance to act with good dominant qualities. Back then, Hollywood was seen as a company that bought actresses. Hollywood used young actresses for cinematic opportunity and sexual pleasure.

Marilyn was used in 1949 when she met then-actress and model Marilyn Monroe when she was photographed by Hollywood backup photographer Bruno Bernard at the Rocket Club of Palm Springs. 

Despite her attractive appearance of her but, she has no desire for sexual pleasure,’ says Gokower. Hollywood at that time was like a brothel. There is no way a woman can recover from it, so she surrendered to the Hollywood producer “Johnny Hadu” but died in 1950. Since then she has had many opportunities for many films.

 Nostalgia for the father is misery in youth

 Marilyn’s father died when he was young. The sternness and punishment meted out by her mother did not motivate her to love her mother. She had love and fantasy beyond measure for her father, but her foster father dared to use her for sex, the result of which was her 17-year-old marriage. But her father’s affection immersed her in imagination. She longed for real love. So she saw the old people and attached them. She speaks to them like a daughter and expresses her feelings.

She met Arthur Miller

  It was then that he met Arthur Miller, the world-famous playwright (1951) who was acquainted with the writings of world-famous writers such as Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, and Thomas Mann, and thus became friends. Arthur Miller was inspired by her. She fell in love with him when he was 60 years old. She called him Dad.

He did not value the freedom of women so he tried to control her in many ways and then the two divorced.

She married many for love and affection to overcome her loneliness. But they only saw her as a sexual wife. That’s when they fell in love with American fast bowler “Monroe and Joe DiMaggio after getting married at San Francisco City Hall in January 1954. She considered him a  father and called him “Dad”. But like Joe DiMaggio is a patriarch.

Who has the attitude that women should be submissive to men? He did not even want his wife Marlini to talk to other men. , Marilyn went to New York for the film shoot “The Seven Year Itch”. But  Joe DiMaggio could not accept that Marlin was starring in the film until he saw his clothes and underwear in the air. Frustrated that he had beaten and tortured her that night, Marilyn sought a divorce and divorced him.

 Only then did she meet Miller. Her films The Misfits Some Like It Thot, Bus Stop, The Prince, and The Show Girl became hugely popular.  She had money and fame and millions and millions of fans. But she had no peace of mind alone. What she longed for, she did not get. She got upset that is not there unless everyone is enjoying my body, not my mind. She thought men were unbelievable. She sought the help of a psychiatrist named Ralph Greensor to alleviate her depression.

The Romantic relationship between Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy

 That’s when she got the friendship of US President Kennedy’s family. She considered it an honor but the Kennedy brothers only saw her as a sexual puppet.

 John F. Kennedy began to fall in love with her. John F. Kennedy spoke with her frequently on the phone. This caused a stir in the political arena. The American spy agency began to monitor her regularly. No one expected her to sing a happy birthday as he attended Kennedy’s birthday party live. There was a fear that some political secrets might have been leaked to her while Kennedy was drunk. Marley’s name was also on the list of those to be expelled from the United States in the national interest.

She continued to see psychiatrists for treatment, although her depression did not go away. Her last movie was “ The miss bits in 1962

In 1962 she died away of an overdose of sleeping pills due to depression. It turned out to be a suicide. She was only 36 when he died.  her body was buried to rest on August 8, 1962, in a memorial park in Los Angeles.

Produced by Asylum Entertainment, “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe”, produced by Jonathan Koch and Steve Michaels (“The Kennedys”), Kerry Celik (“The Staff Wives”), Intuition Productions, and Stephen Cornish (“24”). , Screenwriter. The series was directed by Larry Collier (“Sherry Baby”).

She wrote in her diary, “No one ever told me you were beautiful child l.   We must tell even the ugly child that you are a beautiful child and the self-confidence you get when you say that will guide those children throughout their lives ”- how profound words

Goodbye Norma Jeanne (Poem by Elton June)

Go and come! Norma June

Yours was like an inflatable candle? Life,

You will be beautiful enough to remember that the pay you receive will transcend all charms.  Norma Gene – Goodbye Norma  Jeanne.

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