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by Yuri Nagibin —

Short memory of Michelangelo

On the bustling shopping street, a boulder lay in the doorway of a large store, obstructing passers-by. As well as the impact on business  

The shop owner asked, “Wouldn’t someone pick up that stone?” He was looking forward to that. But that did not give the rich shopkeeper his rightful place as an employer to take a boulder and throw it away at that time one of the strangers ask whether I take it? The boss said “OK” with a smile on his face when he heard that.

Then, six months later, it was announced that “the famous sculptor Michelangelo‘s beautiful sculpture is up for auction”.

It is a sculpture of the great God who robs not only the eyes but also the mind of the beholder. The onlookers were amazed at everything. The auction was brisk, and a shopkeeper who had bought the statue for a large sum of money and went in search of Angelo to greet the sculptor who had made the statue. He, then, is the first shop owner to see him but one remembers seeing him somewhere sometime. “Your sculpture is so beautiful. Where did you get the stone to make such a beautiful sculpture?” Asked the boss.

Michael Angelo smiles and said it was in front of your shop patiently. The shop owner is stunned. This is an incidental story about Michelangelo, told by many while admiring his sculptural nuances.

Michelangelo’s heart was created by the arts. He saw his environment, buildings, people, human emotions as art, saw men inside the stones, and That is saved the lives of men within idols. He believed that ‘God gave himself to this world for the sake of art.

There is a belief that the Lord declared this about the artwork of  Michelangelo,” that the world  will  be aware of the art from the sculptures and paintings that he is about to wield.” The great artist Michelangelo revitalized the four disciplines of architecture, sculpture, painting, and poetry.

 Angelo lived near Santa maria de Loreto church. There, he is said to have fallen in love with a poet named Vettoriava Clone. The statue, which is said to be with his emblem and his sons, is currently in the Vatican. This painting, ‘The Birth of Adam’, is like scripture to all the painters in the world.

His painting is in the “Sistine Mata Temple on the West Bank”. There are 340 more paintings than that. It would be more appropriate to say that this is the dictionary of paintings, rather than the paintings. Michael Angelo was the first artist to sketch every human movement, whether sitting, bending, standing, or running. Michael Angelo is not even a painter but a great sculptor.

His painting is in the “Sistine Mata Temple on the West Bank”. There are 340 more paintings than that. It would be more appropriate to say that this is the dictionary of paintings, rather than the paintings. Michael Angelo was the first artist to sketch every human movement, whether sitting, bending, standing, or running. Michael Angelo is not even a painter but a great sculptor.

At the time, Michael Angelo received a call from “Julius II”, the pope’s Lord, who had served with Almighty authority. He commanded Pope Angelo to fire scenes of the Bible into paintings.  I’m the sculptor. not painter  It did not fall into the ear of the pope’s Lord, to Angelou’s plea,” but there is no ovation leave me.” He started this job with hatred.

Angelo began the great task of drawing paintings on the inner floor in about ten thousand square feet by holding four to five painters for help. He was a foreboding, circumspect  Let his assistants leave at the speed of work, so Angelou himself began the difficult task of painting on the church’s high floors as a single man, to get his aides away at the pace of work.   In the light of the waxwork during that time when there were no electric lights, he forgot everything about food and sleep and when Michael Angelo was painting on the roof of the church, the colors scattered from the brush squeezed his eyes. Four years on, the Sistine Chapel he drained night and day became the world’s top painting Hall. 

His mural “The Last Judgment” on the wall of Michelangelo built quite a propensity for drawing large paintings from 1534 to October 1541. The entire wall behind the altar in  “Sistine Hall is still strewn with his paintings. The Last Judgment and the Revelation of Christ paintings are astonishing. The painting of Christ and the Virgin Mary on the other hand was depicted as nude paintings.

These are the strongest paintings, drawn by Michelangelo between 1536 and 1541. Focusing on the supreme image of Christ, it depicts the moment before the utterance of the Last Judgment. It shows a wide slow rotational motion. Symbols of passion with groups of angels include the left cross, the crown of nails and thorns; On the right is the broom, stairs, and sponge soaked in vinegar. Next to Christ the Virgin, Mary turns her head in a style-making gesture that rejects judgment, and in fact, she, can no longer interfere with the end, she is only waiting for the end of the judgment. The saints and the elect, around Christ and the Virgin, are eagerly awaiting judgment.

Some of them can be easily identified. In the center of the lower part, the angels of the apocalypse raise the dead with the sound of long trumpets  The resurrected ones on the left recover their bodies as they ascend to heaven. On the right, the angels and demons are fighting to bring down the warriors to hell.  , Finally, below is the scene of Sharon with her tiles, along with his demons, covered in serpentine scrolls.

 But here are the nude paintings by him. It is considered a crime to desecrate holiness, In the famous ‘Final Judgment’ painting by Michael Angelo, the image of Pope Paul IV was stripped naked in a way that terrified everyone.  

 After the death of Michelangelo, they decided to cover the organ of the human body. An original audited copy of it can still be seen in the Naples Capodimonte Museum.

Michelangelo’s skill in carving an entire sculpture from a single marble block is unmatched. He said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved her until I freed her.” He was a great artist who imagined real-life from stone. 

Famous for his deep tasteful and turbulent rich personality. Whether he expressed his pride or transgression in controversial ways A massive painting of biblical stories in the Sistine Chapel, a 17-foot-tall testimony of David to the male whole.

In 1504, a thirteen-foot-tall statue of David, carved by Michael Angelo at the age of twenty-nine, changed the sculptural grammars that had been in practice until then.

 It is considered to be one of the finest works of art in the world. Tourists to date. They have never seen such an emotional and embarrassing work of art.  It is not certain whether Michelangelo had a close connection with his feelings of arts, but the homosexual nature may be his attraction is evident in many of Maestro’s poems.

Artistic lover of Michelangelo

At the end of his period, the sculptor felt wonderfully affectionate and kind for a female representative – the widow and poet Vittoria Colona, ​​whom she had known for over 40 years. Their correspondence is a remarkable monument to the Michelangelo era. It was then that he made the art of women naked with Vitoria Colonna in mind.

 Once a time, knew from the place where Soderini was standing that he could not determine whether the nose or anything else was right. The mayor was concerned that the nose was not set properly. Immediately “Okay, let’s fix it now,” Soderini quickly grabbed a hammer and chisel, climbed onto the scaffolding and heard the hammer, and saw the marble dust falling. How now? “Michelangelo asked from the scaffolding. He did not even touch the figure but pretended to change his nose.

“Oh, this is so great!” The mayor shouted. Real in terms of breaking the heart

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