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The love, care, dreams, and memories nurtured so far between husband-wife and children are shattered by their subsequent divorce.

Divorce is a matter that pierces the soul as it cuts off the inner self. Only those involved will understand that pain. In this case, the couple may voluntarily leave each other, or a husband may involuntarily leave the wife,  or the wife may unwittingly leave the husband, thus separating from each other so as not to disturb the other. There are those who are going to break up without enduring quarrels with one another. On the other hand, there are those who disagree with their views and principles

  But it is important to keep in mind that children, parents, siblings, and elders in the family are greatly affected mentally and physically due to divorce.

 Thus many tragic events take place in successions, such as the separation of children, the separation of parents, the separation of grandparents, and the division of property. Family values ​​are distorted due to divorce. This situation is much more in western countries than in Eastern countries. Here are the differences between one person’s personal separation and the whole family separation.

 Common factors for divorce

  Although there are many reasons for getting a divorce, there are some basic reasons why divorce is so immediate. Lack of commitment between husband and wife in general Reluctance to share work. The fact that one of the two has to bear more responsibilities is the underlying factor for divorce. Family life is not just an imaginary love life it is about helping each other and solving each other’s problems.

Maintaining interpersonal relationships between their parents. It is a combination of different factors such as respecting one’s parents, caring for children, and loving them. Couples’ lives can only thrive if they act with commitment based on an understanding of such factors.

According to the reference of E.A. Gjelten, Increased anger, quarrels, fights between husband and wife, physical abuse, psychological harassment, etc. are the basic factors for divorce.

Family life is not just about marriage. Then assuming various responsibilities. Not only do they need to take care of each other’s needs, but they also need to value their parents as their own parents.

  Divorce is more likely to occur if there are ideological or emotional differences between husband and wife. For example, when a husband and wife are atheists or atheists, factors such as rejection or persuasion to acceptance of one another’s views or indifference to the other’s actions can lead to divorce. Otherwise, if you do not agree to these matters, there will be a divorce and it will lead to divorce.

Such divorce proceedings are usually

1. Husband and wife do not tolerate each other’s actions

2. Not giving up on one another.

3 One person speaks openly about the other’s grievances. Being without the sponsorship of one to the action of the other.

4. Husband and wife living with sorrow in the full day.

5. another important factor is that if one is not able to satisfy the other sexually there is a high chance of divorce taking place.

like this many factors that add up for divorces. 

Child health risk

     It is good for divorced people to think that children are the first victims of divorce. Those who love and cherish their children can make arrangements for separation only when they are forced to leave. The first victims of divorce are children. In the United States, 41 percent of children born to divorced mothers are severely affected.

  Divorce is the condition of great children 

  Divorced husbands and wives take revenge on each other for their anger and use their children as tools for this purpose, which is the worst thing that can happen to a mother and father. and they may engage in negative activities such as making their children miserable in their lives, leaving them in tears  Such programs greatly affect the mood of children. They may later live as mentally ill people.

 The attitude of children

 The immediate effect of this is the rejection of any of the conflicting beliefs, doubts, and lack of self-confidence is likely to linger later in these children’s lives. Due to this, we can observe that children grow up with intolerance, impatience, irritability, negative traits. But it is good for parents to know this in advance. Parents who are kind to their children can avoid divorce for the sake of their children.

Whoever it is, parents must act responsibly in front of their children. Swearing at each other is a harsh word, and anger can greatly affect the minds of children. In such a situation, parents  are forcing them live for  their children to bias to one said  

Then the children will yearn for love and protection.  Here that their minds are filled with fear and incomprehension as they observe their parents ’behavior. Children of divorced parents experience increased psychological problems regardless of age, gender, or culture. Studies show that children of divorced parents are more prone to behavioral disorders and crime

Educational activities of divorced children. 

   Children often worry. They often feel isolated and abandoned. The continuum of those thoughts gives them stress. This has made it impossible for children to engage in educational activities. Then they face various problems in school. Not only are they unable to properly understand learning techniques, but they are also unable to solve learning problems. Overall, the study shows that children of divorced parents can greatly affect their personality, self-esteem, and their academic ability.

 Divorce and the sexual behavior of children

  Studies have shown that children of divorced parents engage in abusive behaviors such as alcoholism, drug addiction, early sexual activity, incitement to sexual, and other forms of violence when it comes to their children’s different activities.

Studies show that children of divorced parents, on average 15 years old, are more likely to engage in sexual activity when they reach adolescence. Children of divorced parents are more likely to have premarital sex and teen sexual activity, according to a Marry Media study.

  This condition is more common in fatherless families. These are additional conditions found in the US, African and European countries. These studies show that the chances of having sex before the age of 18 are 42%. Studies show that in Latin American countries, girls under the age of 18 have an increased chance of having early sex by 72%. The basic reason for such actions is not only the need for sex but also their loneliness and their perception that they need companionship. 

Generally, children of divorced parents engage in sexual activity at 85 percent higher than other children. It brings the children’s “teenage-season pregnancy” to children. The condition is high in the United States. This sexual activity induces improper sexual behavior and triggers the spread of sexual disease teens are additionally more active in sexual activity than adults according to studies on the children of divorced parents

Children settling for divorce  

 Some children voluntarily fix their parents’ divorce problems. There are also parents who are not divorced even due to conflicts between husband and wife due to love for children.  There are behaviors of some parents who care for the children and care for each other even though they are divorced. On the other hand, there are some parents who are separated without getting divorced due to children. Divorced parents create opportunities for children to have positive interactions, such as warmth, caring for the child’s interests, showing love, and avoiding conflict.

  Perfect parents will always be very concerned about protecting their children’s self-esteem. If parents have concerned about their children, parents will be very careful in their children’s activities even after divorce.

It is very important for parents to be observant of their children, especially teenagers. Only then will the children be in touch with friends and other relationships, and then the parents should have an observation regarding their behavior. The downside is that parents need to prepare themselves to observe negative situations and help their children to be more gentle, lovingly counseled,     and help them get out of trouble.  

 Developing children’s self-esteem

  Because parents are separated, parents need to have an understanding that will help their children gain the ability to cope with anything in their lives. We need to help them grow in their sense of responsibility for their own safety. It is the duty of parents to instill in their children the confidence that they have the ability to take care of their own needs and that they can handle their future well-being by speaking openly about problems.   On the other hand, when it comes to self-confidence about being able to have a good education and their intellectual and career advancement, children are left the feelings of separation from their parents.

  On the other hand, children of divorced parents should make good friendships and play their part to build up good relationships. This is because the isolation of children causes psychological problems in the children and makes them unable to deal with the problems and   isolating children can cause psychological problems for children as well as problems in their own lives

 How parental divorce affects children’s educational behavior

   Divorce greatly affects the educational performance of children. Studies show that children’s math scores generally decline during and after parental divorce and also that they do not receive adequate grades in other subjects.   Parents have a great influence on their child’s self-esteem, and parents need to take action to increase it. There are many things parents can do to boost their self-esteem to overcome some of the different emotions that children experience due to divorce. Here are some tips for them

 1 . First Take clearly to your child the reason why you are mounting a divorce. You realize that children have an absolute right to know the reason for your separation. Simple examples can be said for example shows 

2. Emphasize that your love will always be on children, even if they are separated.

3. Your honesty before children are vital you break up and avoid criticizing your wife or husband altogether. Explain the challenges of living together,  

 4. Help your children express their feelings, then prepare your children for new situations through your words 

5. Make sure they always have your love and support. Help them develop hope and your love in their minds.

6. Establish flexibility in the mind of your children if you are a mother do not create a way to reduce love for the father, as well as take the love of the mother to them, even if you are a father

7. make convince them that you are ready for them to meet you whenever they have time 

8. they give them the appropriate rewards they want and help them Exchange love

 9. Trust them that your faith in their future life

10. Advise them that you are a guaranteed person for the safety of your child and know that you will fully participate in the healing of children

 Health and children

Studies show that the health of children of divorced parents is greatly affected. so Parents have a responsibility to make their children aware of what foods to eat in moderation and what foods to avoid and how to avoid them. 

 It is normal for children of parents of divorced children to yearn for a relationship when they are in a group with others. In such a case it is the duty of the parents to establish a relationship with friend relatives. Teaching divorced children to love pets such as dogs and cats can be a boon to their mental health.

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