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The idea that the Russian leader should be assassinated after the Russian occupation of Ukraine is seen by many people and rulers. That resolution, on the verge of anger, justifies Putin’s sentencing. But the resolution to be killed must be verified.

The killing of leaders of Tyranni want is held not planned and carried out during the revolution. Tyrannical rulers will be killed when the ruling revolutionaries fall into the hands of extremist people who are at the height of their anger. The other is the diplomatic assassination of a regime held by a government or an organization.

 In ancient Greece and Rome, it was said that if the ruler was malicious they could be legally removed from office based on violence. Greek scholar Plato says tyranny is the most heinous political crime. Cicero says that “tyranny is a disease of the political body.”

   King John later became very unpopular with the British as the king raised taxes in England. The immediate cause of the Barons’ revolt, along with John’s immorality and ruthless rule, provoked more hatred and fear than loyalty to the king of the day.

This provoked strong opposition among the barbarians. Opposition arose to the emperor; The rebels refused to pay homage to the emperor, so in 1212 the crown of King John was removed and the son of the King of France was summoned to crown England.


Similarly, King Charles 1st was assassinated during the 1648 English Revolution.  King James II was overthrown in 1688 by the “Bloodless  Revolution” in England.

   John Locke argued that the people should retain the ability to defend themselves from the tyranny of the 1689 ruler. With the advent of liberalization in the 17th century, violence to protect human rights became inevitable. The second paragraph of the American Declaration of Independence emphasizes that anyone has the right to take up arms against tyranny.

  Conservative legal thinkers such as Hyunacrodius and Emerdy Wattel argue that “tyrants in high office are the common enemies of mankind” and that they should be targeted like pirates.

      The international community insists that tyrants should be punished instead of killed after the Nuremberg trial of World War II. The assassination of heads of state was banned at the 1973 New York Conference. So killing tyrannical leaders is illegal under international law.

Nuremberg trial of World War II.

 But despite these, the country’s ruling leaders were killed illegally and legally. An example of this is the 2011 assassination of the Libyan leader and the assassination of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

 US Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has called for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

 Senators like Marco Rupayev and Emiko Buchar share the same view. US President John Biden called Putin a “war criminal” and “a terrible beast”.

 Russian Maj. Gen. Kilo Budanov has told Ukraine’s Ska Pravda that an assassination attempt was made on Putin’s locally two months ago, but that attempt failed.

Therefore Any such attempt to end the life of a Russian leader is challenging.   it insists that it is inevitable justice that those responsible should be punished when the Ukrainian ‘Kharkiv’ attacks on ‘Mirpol’ and Donbas kill millions of people fleeing the country, killing thousands of children and orphaning property, and destroying the livelihood economy.     No one can justify the outrageous destruction of a country, no matter how many diplomatic and security factors are taken to launch a war on Ukraine. It’s the equivalent of  Hitler’s cruelty


As for Ukraine, one million people have been displaced since Russia began its occupation of the country. Thousands of Ukrainian youth have volunteered to fight for their country.

Senator Lindsay Graham

Following in, Senator Lindsay Graham senator from South Carolina understood the reality and said  Putin could be ousted by the Russian people.   In this case, the US Senate has passed a resolution declaring Russian President Putin a war criminal   Republican MP Lindsay Graham proposed the resolution, which was supported by all members of the Republican and Democratic parties. Chuck Schumer, chairman of the Democratic Parliamentary Committee, also spoke on the resolution.   He said, “All of us in this House has unanimously passed a resolution declaring Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal.    Putin should be held accountable for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Putin cannot escape this crime. ” 

   There are many examples of tyrannical leaders in the world being killed or committing suicide. Fascist leader Mussolini was killed by civilians. The German dictator  Hitler committed suicide at the end of World War II.

  Former Pakistani President Xia Hul Haq has been assassinated. Serbian President Milosevic has been convicted and jailed by an international tribunal for genocide. So the tyrants get punished. It sets in as punishment, murder, or suicide.

Serbian President Milosevic

 Now not only the Americans but also the European community does not consider Gaddafi as Saddam Hussein but as Putin as a tyrant. World peace is not possible until Putin is in power.

   President Putin is currently embroiled in the war in Ukraine, which is said to have lost the support of its second-in-command, and the next president could be Alexander Portnikov, director of the Federal Security Service (FSP). Both Portnikov and Putin worked together in the KGB of the Soviet Union. The Daily Mail reports that Putin, known as a former Soviet spy, could be killed by a sudden illness, poisoning, or other accidental assassinations.

 So it is the expectation of the international community that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be punished for invading Ukraine, killing thousands, and forcing millions to flee the country.

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