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Russian‌ ‌-Ukrainian‌ ‌war‌ 

The world is not always going to be the same, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine shows the same thing. The world did not expect such a war. One reason is the invasion of Syria and Iraq by the United States and its allies. Islamic terrorism is also an Al Qaeda terrorist act. It was seen as a war between two different religions, where terrorism was said to be rampant. Russian ‌-Ukrainian‌ ‌war‌ had a background despite the lack of legitimate virtues. The United States has said Iraq has nuclear weapons and is at war with it. But no definite reason could be found for Russia’s continued attacks on Ukraine. 

Russian‌ ‌-Ukrainian‌ ‌war‌ is a  retaliation war 

No one expected Ukraine’s beautiful buildings, parks, airports, and apartments to be blown up in a matter of seconds.  People would not have imagined that they would take up arms to defend their homeland. Why such a war? What is the purpose of war? this war against whom? People are baffled as to who is waging this war. The Russian people themselves do not understand why Putin is fighting. Protests against the war are taking place in about 42 cities in Russia. Tens of thousands of people around the world are protesting against this war.

Economic disaster

The European community not only mobilized as a force to be reckoned with after the war, but also transformed itself into a supplier of arms to Ukraine. The United States and European countries have imposed various sanctions on Russia. Today, there are fears that rising gas and crude oil prices due to the war could lead to a slump in export and import activity and the global economy.

The value of the Russian rupee has fallen sharply. This war catastrophe is falling on the nations of the world while the world already affected by Govt 19 is trying to recover. Russia can be called the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union. And there are fears around the world that the Cold War will start again. Today the war raises gas and crude oil prices and there are fears that exports and imports will be affected and that the world economy could go into recession.

The value of the Russian ruble has fallen sharply. This war catastrophe is falling on the nations of the world while the world already affected by Govt 19 is trying to recover. Not only the Ukrainians but the people of the world are waiting anxiously for this war to end.

Imperialism and the NATO factor

There do not seem to be any historical parallels to this war. We seem to have gone back to the occupation of the eighteenth-century empires.

Putin may even have the idea of ​​an empire, and since war seems to be his only resolution, his actions could be seen as capturing Eastern Europe and creating a larger empire. Putin says he will launch this war to protect his country from NATO forces. He says NATO said war was necessary to protect itself from the United States and the West. 

Killing the  sovereignty

Going to any lengths by violence in defiance of sovereignty is his false diplomatic precedent. Russia’s goal may be to capture the entire Black Sea region.  This may be necessary for Russia’s security. But attacking civilian settlements, killing them, destroying historical monuments, and destroying man-made buildings cannot be considered a successful war but It was a horrible action.

 War must be decided by popular vote  That is sovereignty and democracy

The European community not only mobilized as a force to be reckoned with after the war but also transformed itself into a supplier of arms to Ukraine. The United States and European countries have also imposed various sanctions on Russia.

“It is wrong for leaders to make decisions for war without the consent of the people, except that the people of that country must decide how the leaders of a government must live in harmony with the world.” War should only be waged if the people of a country know what they think about war and what will happen.

Because the sovereignty of the people is a political and cultural aspect based on his will. So imposing a war on the people without the will of the people is in any way an accomplice to anarchy. This is exactly what is happening in Ukraine. Again, despite the accepted fact that the US and NATO are to blame for the war, it is reasonable for the rulers to understand that no country should allow that war to be imposed on the people on the basis of democratic traditions

Expectation of  Putin

On the other hand, when it comes to war it would be optimal if one understands that the cultural aspects of the people are all utterly destroyed by human pride. Putin does not understand the Ukrainian people’s role in the war in Ukraine, just as the United States does not understand the will of the people in the Iraq war.

Putin wants Ukraine to abandon its Western course and return to Moscow. How far he has worked for it and how far he has won the minds of the people is zero.

Why Ukrainian people do not like the Russian  regime?

In the last eight years, however, Russian policy has done little more than pushing Ukraine out of Russia and into the West. In particular, Russia’s occupation of Crimea and its role in the conflict in Donbas, which killed more than 13,000 people, have alienated them from the Ukrainian people. Because of this, more and more Ukrainians consider being members of the European Union and NATO necessary for their security.

Putin does not understand that they want to live in the sovereignty of the Ukrainians and choose their own decisions. He considers the Russians and the Ukrainians to be the same people. This is a completely unacceptable opinion. This will not be accepted by the people of Ukraine. The Ukrainian people consider Ukraine a symbol of European civilization. Many Ukrainians feel that their soil, culture, history, and language should be preserved. The Kremlin’s lack of understanding was a factor in the policy that led to a major strategic failure for Russia; This has provoked great animosity against the Ukrainian-Russian governments.

2014 Post- Crimea War Trigger

Russia’s occupation of Crimea in 2014 is considered the largest land grab in Europe since World War II. It was also intended as a sovereign challenge to the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Russia then provoked conflict in the Donbas. Those actions had a major negative impact on Russia’s relations with the West. NATO, which had been reducing its military strength since the early 1990s, later changed course. Member states have agreed to increase their defense spending, with a target of 2 percent of GDP by 2024. Moreover, NATO began to establish its ground forces in its eastern member states.

Geopolitics and Expectation of West and  USA 

Putin has always sought to frame the Ukraine crisis as a problem between Russia and the West. So Russia’s primary focus is on Ukraine. Russia only considers this to be a geopolitical one. But this fundamental difference is that the West and the United States are challenged to see this issue as Ukrainian democracy and national unity.

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