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Russia's new strategy

Russia’s new strategy

As for the United States, the country has never engaged in war activities within its national borders. Throughout the Cold War, other countries or on its borders waged large-scale conflicts on behalf of the United States and paid a high price for it. The battles were held as a forward offensive battle plan, a battle strategy of the forward offensive doctrine that created modern China.  

Not only did the United States send large numbers of soldiers and military equipment to those countries, but the countries paid expensively for those weapons. Russia also follows the same tricks and participated in the war. Russian-backed and US-backed countries fought among themselves for those countries. On its basis, diplomatic attitudes of countries, political economic activities, and sociocultural activities also took place.

  The cold war activities ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. But a different diplomatic course was followed. After the Crusades, the United States launched a war against Iraq and Syria, claiming that these countries were producing chemical weapons and supporting terrorist movements.

Intelligence analysts say that looking at Russia’s military activities and diplomatic activities at present, there is an increased likelihood that future wars will take place directly on the border of the United States or inside the United States.   Various scenarios are being played out on the world stage as they reveal these claims.

 It seems that what Russia thinking now is to move the US from the forward offensive posture it has been following and drag the US into a defensive war zone.

 How is this possible? How much power does Russia have to wage war like this? The question arises here. Nevertheless, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a direct warning to the United States in February 2023 in Stalingrad.  He said  “Russia has not yet sent its tanks to the borders of Western countries, but German tanks and other war equipment are currently reaching the Russian border,  if this situation continues, he warned, Russia will bring not only its tanks but also nuclear weapons. borders of the West, and Russia was ready to use all its military might against the West.”

Russia's Putin issues new nuclear warnings to West over Ukraine | Reuters

Along with this, many countries in the world, including Latin American countries, are supporting Russia. , Putin stated that he has enough power to wage war against the United States by using the pro-Russian countries that are neighbors of the United States, just as the United States is attacking Russia by using Ukraine.

 In 1962, Soviet Russia stationed nuclear weapons in Cuba to scare the United States. This is known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was a 35-day conflict (October 16 to November 20, 1962) between the United States and the Soviet Union when the US sent missiles to Italy and Turkey.

And immediately ballistic missiles in Cuba. The Soviets targeted the United States. The crisis was then a crucial moment for national security and the conduct of a nuclear war. The conflict has often been viewed as the closest equivalent to the expansion of the Cold War into full-scale nuclear war. To this day it is remembered with horror. Putin indirectly reminded the US of its anti-US war strategy.

 The largest organization operated by Sovie union was called Lourdes SIGINT (Signals Intelligence. It is less than 150 km (93 miles) from “Key West” in Cuba.

  .Lourdes SIGINT station – The Lourdes SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) facility, located near Havana,   which was the largest facility operated by the Soviet and later Russian foreign intelligence services outside of Russia. Located 150 km from Key West, the facility is 73 km. Construction began in July 1962. 

During the period the height of the Cold War, 1,500 KGB, GRU, Cuban DGI, and Eastern Bloc technicians, engineers, and intelligence operatives worked here.   The station closed in August 2002 after all its station facilities were closed and the buildings were abandoned.

China reportedly signed an agreement with the Cuban government to share the use of the facility with its intelligence agency. However, it was closed in 2002 after several rounds of negotiations. Later transformed into the University of Information Sciences from 1962 to 2002, Russia provided Cuba with $200 million a year in subsidies. Putin visited Cuba in July 2014. Reports emerged that Russia and Cuba had agreed to reopen the facility for use by Russian intelligence following talks about the base.


  The suspicion that Russia has begun to use Cuba against the United States comes in the wake of the 80th anniversary of Stalingrad.  “Now, regrettably, we find that the ideology of Nazism, in its modern guise, in its modern manifestation, once again poses a direct threat to the security of our country.

Again and again, we are forced to repel the aggression of the   West countries.  Referring to Germany’s recent decision to supply war tanks for the Ukraine war, Putin warned that “the modern war with Russia will be completely different for them”.

  The Russian foreign minister made a statement a month before the start of the Ukrainian war.    He said that Russia has a very close relationship with South America and that if the US intervenes in the Ukraine affair, Cuba will inevitably launch a missile attack. The news was published in the Financial Times in June 2022 according to

Soviet-R-12-nuclear-ballistic missile.jpg

  .Now thousands of Russians are visiting Latin America. Those who come are more knowledgeable technologists, doctors, and engineers. But who is behind this? Why are they coming? His motive is unknown.

‘It’s worth remembering here that the president of Argentina said publicly that Argentina is a gate for Russians to come to the United States. Several arrangements are now in place for Russians to visit South American countries without an entry visa. There are a lot of Russians living in the south of the United States.

 While these events are taking place, Russia’s submarines are still prowling the Mediterranean Sea. And now they’re roaming American beaches carrying nuclear weapons, the American magazine Comment Writer said in October.

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