Side-Hustle Dreams


Side-Hustle Dreams

Today, in Blog Vocal’s journey to being a viable side-hustle, a realization was made. If I’m going to be spending time doing research, it would make sense to document what was learned, what was worth applying, and the results of any attempts. So…I will be letting you, the reader (and soon to be listener), in on all the good and bad decisions.

As it stands, the front page of this blog is a little click-baity, but for now it’s doing it’s job of getting a pitch across (I’ve since updated the entire site, so this doesn’t make much sense). I will be gradually working on this tid-bit over time, as I gather real-world results. Right now, I haven’t got a client, and therefore, no samples with numbers to give.

When this idea first came to me, it was the result of a problem I have faced for years. Like many problems we live with, it ended up being easy to solve – you just had to find the right way to do it. Once I realized it was an easy problem I could fix, and even had the time and resources to do it, I stopped everything I was doing and immediately began writing a plan.

The very first thing I did was meticulously read – at first I was upset with myself, because I have definitely spent too much money on past ideas, and had the “you have to spend money to make money” mentality. Now, I’m totally motivated to spend as little money as possible (especially since I’m on a journey to pay off debt as well – thanks to Mr. Money Mustache!)

To get you up to speed, so far* I have documented all my “why’s”, and summarized them to what you see on the front page. I have joined a few blogging-specific groups just to get my mediocre (but free!) webpage some views and maybe land my first client, but also get a gauge on how bloggers feel about this idea in general. The results up until this point have been exactly 5 page views and nothing else – not even feedback! I have since added hashtags to see if that will bring some viewers in via WordPress.

I have also contacted a few magazines that are related to my undergrad degree to see if they would be willing to have me. I even found some PERFECT blogs that could benefit so much from adding my service, and contacted them as well. I only reached out today and yesterday, so I will categorize that as a “TBA”.

At this point, I really need to work on my pitch. I know that it’s too long, and it’s fun to explain why I want to do it…but that goes against everything PUBS is trying to teach us! Here’s a direct quotes from their “How to Structure Your Pitch” course:

Here’s why you need a clear, succinct pitch and exciting pitch:

1. If you’re not CLEAR about what you’re doing, no one else will be
2. It helps keeps you FOCUSED on what you’re supposed to be doing
3. Most people talk for TOO LONG and bore the pants off their audience
4. If you’re not EXCITED about your business no one else is going to be

Aside from being EXCITED I have done the opposite of these steps so far. Still working on it. Let it be known, my fear is that I’ll be seen as someone barely human or relatable and I worry that no one will want to work with me if I come off as just-trying-to-sell-something. I know that’s not necessarily true, as it’s the product that really matters at first. The rest will follow.

I’m hoping that someday Blog Vocal will end up on someone’s post as an obvious way to make money, like GJ Steven’s “Filthy, Dirty Money

Well that’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading, and follow the journey if you want to see how this goes!

*”so far”: I always start these things in a whirlwind of gathering information and applying them in random orders. I am all over the place, so don’t expect any tangible organization out of me just yet. I put my brainstorms into action, AS I brainstorm rather than making a pretty “brainstorm cloud” drawing. We can call it a personality flaw.

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