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Humans have lived in this world from the beginning to the present day, fearing the Functions of nature. Rain, floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and many more fears and Suffering from the destruction of their lives and property in the process of this invincible nature, a man takes various measures to protect himself and his property. These are things that happen inside the world, so what if a threat comes to the world from outside the world? Where to run and hide? To whom to seek refuge. So here is the only way. It is not to God that we should surrender only to scientists.

Tarot spacecraft and Timor’s asteroid

Tarot spacecraft and Timor's asteroid

 NASA has made a credible comment that it is currently gearing up for fearful destruction from the solar system to the world.   The solar system has a wide variety of Rock products passing back and forth to earth for the year. We learn from history that the Dinosaurs that lived then became completely extinct due to a collision with Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, 66 million years ago.  .Then a city-wide asteroid passed through the Earth’s atmosphere and crashed into shallow waters on the “Yudan” peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico.  

It said ” like cosmic artillery it caused a huge crater 125 miles (200 km) wide of the Earth’s surface.  Huge evaporated rocks and debris were then thrown into the air, Thus that dust layer blocked the sun’s rays for years or even decades. After the eruption, the sun’s surface temperature dropped to 50 ft (28  C), killing  75 percent of our planet’s.

  As far as we know, NASA has hypothesized that a small planet is about to strike Earth again, as has happened in our Earth’s history. The name of this planet is “Dimorphous. Didymos orbits a large meteorite. Didymos orbits the tiny planet Dimorphous. These are described as the potatoes of space. To be precise, NASA predicts that the asteroid will hit Earth at some point in the next 150-200 years.

The planet has been orbiting the sun for more than a century.“Dimorphous. The Dimorphous is about 2500 feet long, 525 feet wide, 6.8 million miles away, and is about the size of a football field. But there is not enough information yet about the nature of this planet, whether its surface is smooth or rough, but in reality, these asteroids are so small that we can only see slightly more than their light when viewed through a telescope. 

 According to the scientific journal Icarus, the planet is likely to hit Earth at 1 percent of the 1750 cases in the next 300 years. More precisely, NASA predicts that by the afternoon of September 24, 2182, it will have a chance of attacking the world or moving closer to the world.

Although it is difficult to predict rain, floods, earthquakes, and earthquakes, NASA believes that such small planets can predict the coming of Earth from the sky.

  NASA’s Falcon Mission” is a program to attack the planet and change its orbit. The Falcon 9 is a partially reusable, designed, and manufactured spacecraft in the United States. It is a two-stage orbital medium-range launch vehicle. It is said to be the first technology used to prevent planets from coming to Earth and is said to be the first test. While the Earth faces no such immediate danger, NASA plans to crash a spacecraft traveling at a speed of 15,000 miles per hour (24,000 kph) into an asteroid next year in a test of “planetary defense.”


  Named “65803Dimorphous  (tentatively 1996 GT), it is a sub-asteroid and synchronous binary system classified as the Apollo and Amor Group’s Dangerous Asteroid and Near-Earth Object. The asteroid was discovered on April 11, 1996, by the University of Arizona “Spacewatch Survey on Kid Peak”.

 “Dimorphous orbits the sun once every 770 days. In 2003 it was 7.18 million kilometers from Earth. It will pass close to Mars in the year 2144. The planet has an average diameter of 0.78 = 0.8 km, and so far it has a capacity of more than 11 million tons of DNT. NASA estimates that the planet will orbit the Earth between 21,000 and 75,000 to 330,000 million miles in 2135. 

 “Dimorphous is a Greek word. This is why the DART spacecraft changed its shape before it was attacked and after it was attacked.  But “the path to Dimorphous has changed. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

   LICIACube   (Light Italian Cubesat for Imaging of Asteroids) is the name of the project coordinated by the “Italian Space Agency (ASI)” for the development of a SmallSat built in the Argotec’ laboratories in Turin. This satellite was selected by NASA in order to take part in its mission DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) expected in 2021.  


   In order to save the world, the DART spacecraft was launched from the Vandenberg Xpress spacecraft in California on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket at 10:20 pm Pacific time on Wednesday, November 2021 from the Vandenberg Space Base in California.

From there, DART was born at 10.27pm on November 23, 2022, and plans to go near the planet and attack it, changing the path of the planet. The asteroid is sent to change its direction to collide with the asteroid before its predicted impact.

  NASA believes that in order to save humanity, it can be dismembered by the atomic bomb, but it can change the impact on the world by identifying the planet’s path and changing its direction before such a plan. NASA scientists say such a move would no longer cause any problems. The asteroid, which serves as DART’s coordinator, said the asteroid was no longer a threat to Earth.

   LUCIA cube Communication will take and send pictures of the Dimorphous clash. Its observations will help determine how the asteroid’s orbit is changing. The goal of DART is to change the direction of its path by a percentage point. The kinetic impactor is the name given to the moment at which it stops its orbit.

 So far astronomers have been orbiting 890 asteroids close to Earth. These were found to be more than 95 percent of the expected total. And none of them will cause any harm to the earth for the next few centuries. However, asteroids as wide as 140 meters (460 feet) may still be erosive in some US regions, and many of these objects have yet to be discovered. Computer models suggest there are about 25,000 asteroids at least 140 meters wide near the Earth, and by the end of 2021, only 10,000 of them will have been detected.

 This mission is for all people because it threatens us all, ” says NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

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