The First Landing


The First Landing

So. One of the road blocks, for every new business I’m sure, is trying to get that first client.

I am happy to report that I have landed exactly ONE in the 3 – 4 days I’ve been casually searching. I did this browsing blogging-for-profit Facebook groups, and checking out active posters’ blogs. I managed to find one that fit the bill perfectly:

  • Lengthy posts
  • Informative
  • Helps people
  • Female Author
  • A subject I’m interested in

So, I shot her a private message with a long-winded (oops) reason why she should let me try this. At first she was skeptical, as she is from New Zealand, and as I’m sure you know, that means she has a very strong accent. I do not. It’s probable her base is also in New Zealand. She also thought it was kind of weird to have personal stories read by someone else.

All valid worries to have.

I responded by giving an anecdotal scenario about loving blogs and how much it sucks to have to be so dedicated to READING because you don’t get to do anything else when your eyes are required to look at this one thing. You can’d do dishes, do laundry, DRIVE! I assure her it’s a problem most people have, and probably didn’t even know could be solved. I also told her how I let a robot read to me when I drive, and I really wish it were human. And I suggested her readers may not care who the reader is, as long as it’s not a robot! I certainly do not. I just want the information when I want it, you know?

She says, alright let’s try it!

Helloooo portfolio entry #1!

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