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The Flying Draculas’ in your House

Even if the mosquito is small, we can’t find a small creature like , That is bothering us. A little creature that comes in between and harasses us while we don’t let us sleep, don’t let us sit quietly, don’t read books, and talk to friends and relatives.

 But there are many rare things related to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes do not need teeth that have pierced man’s blood. The mosquito has a subtle needle under its eyes that is like an injection. There are six needles in total. When they bite someone, the six needles combine to suck blood like a needle into a human body.

When the mosquito bites us, the mosquito spits out some kind of chemical in our blood to prevent the blood from clotting, which is why we get itchy immediately and scratch the mosquito bite site in the skin.

There are about 2700 species of mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are a small creature that flies wonderfully. They fly erratically, even fly upside down, and mosquitoes are capable of flying even when it rains. British researchers have discovered that rain flies very delicately into the recesses of droplets.

 Female mosquitoes are the Draculas’ the ones that attack humans and they are wicked.   Male mosquitoes are meek. They eat grass garlic leaves.  They do not come into ours. Cocks can also help the hen to find food but Male mosquitoes do not help females to find food  Female mosquitoes need egg-laying blood so female mosquitoes Sex with male mosquitoes, then fly directly to men or animals.

 Mosquitoes also know the types of human blood. The body of human beings can find out what blood it likes by smell. That’s why mosquitoes go around a lot of people. When the mosquito sits on us, you don’t hit them immediately, allow them to sit some second they sit on us, rub their needle veins together and send them on the skin then they can’t get out the needle immediately. Then you can beat up them but if you consider them sinful, you will be innocent.

 Note: There is research that mosquitoes can seek help for a healthy life by spreading good bacteria through mosquitoes if so you will be lucky

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