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Human relationship is greatest one. That is the foundation of human life, and our enthusiasm is to live with those who love us. We tend to live happily with everyone in the family that is the purpose of life.    

Not only eating and dress deliciously, talking and discussing, engaging the ideas with good relations and helping each other, and enthusiast in the relationships gives us many meanings of the life.

  We dream of being happy with our loved ones. But human beings are different, and those differences are sometimes for us and others. It leads to conflicts and breakdowns the relationship.

   Our individual characteristics and the social and economic implications create such contradictions. But nowhere can’t we find an ideology or doctrine with ways to resolve conflicts and breakdowns between personal relationships.  It rests on our individual decisions, and even psychologists cannot solve such problems.

    . One of the good relations that some time has been created the conflict and that would break the relationship by pressure from life partner friends or relatives.    . For example, parents always expect children to care for themselves, even though it is very natural, but when we are under pressure or in trouble, we even exclude parents from us because of the backbite narrative of the above people.     So we may be forced to live in an uncomfortable situation between wife and parents or between friends and parents.

  But whether one is our friends, parents or have had good relationships with us, it is important that we consider the wonderful period we spent with them before breaking up with them under pressure.  . How far parents have loved their children, how much they would have sacrificed a part of their lives for us, and what good things we have seen in them when you come to think, you break up with them;   the mind thinks many times.  At that time, our mind will change when we want to part.

 We seek to break relationships by blaming or speaking out about others in some way.  

There is a saying a gnome, ‘If you think about how many times you committed that crime before blaming someone, the anger will subside.

   ‘Then it will lead you to look at the reasonable pages of the charge. Our word of mouth also contributes immensely to ending any relationship. So we can preserve the meanings of relationships only by being silent on many occasions. It is good to think about what words we use before we rebuke someone. .

  If we see legitimate offenses in someone, if we follow a gentleness even in rebuking him, and thereby express a mercy, they will avoid breaking up relationships. You may face the process of breaking up once again with all the things that usually happen during difficult conversations and breakdowns.

    If we want to develop a relationship, we must certainly forget the mistakes of the past, thinking of past mistakes and crimes again and again in the present, and talking about it, will never help in developing relationships.

Therefore, if we want to develop good relations, we must forget the past on our own. It is natural for every human being to make mistakes. That situation, pressure, may have contributed to that mistake. Keeping that in mind, in today’s context it is very wrong to criticize relationships in the context of time and to repeat those mistakes

  Crying at the thought of one’s separation can make your psychology easier to break up and divide your relationships and cause less pain. Don’t expect that, it’s only temporary. You can regret and apologize for what you’ve done. It can lead to the breakdown of the relationship.

  You will always think about living together without thinking about separation, but your thinking will certainly get good results. Think of human life as a short time, You also think that human life is what we live in the present. You also think that the true nature of that thought is that there is a good relationship and happiness in being in relationships.

  So if we were lovers, if we are a husband and wife, if we are with children, if we are with relatives, if we are used to living with everyone in a friendly and good relationship, our lives would be very happy.

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