The Underestimated Power of Twitter


The Underestimated Power of Twitter

I’ve begun the 10k Challenge and because of the nature and focus of my blog, I’ve opted out of a few the “required” social media account creations. Namely Instagram and Pinterest.

I decided not to take part in these two social mediums because they are dedicated to pictures, and I’m working on audio. Secondly, Pinterest is a black hole of distraction. If I go on Pinterest, half a day is gone! ZAP! Just like that, and I’ve suddenly got a laundry list of unrealistic garden projects when it’s -30F outside. So I’m staying away. Far far away.

Not to mention, if you’ve ever read the 4-Hour Work Week, you probably already know to try your best to not get distracted, and concentrate on your task. I know I will get distracted beyond repair if I gave in.

Twitter, on the other hand, something I have generally avoided, actually has potential. I have never partook with business in mind, only personal shitposting because I had a weird disdain towards the platform. I didn’t like the idea of having to summarize my thoughts to a limited amount of characters. I felt like it made ideas too simple to be understood.

Now, from a business perspective, DAMN what an efficient way of reaching so many people! Ten minutes on Twitter, and you can convince 100 people to follow you just by relating to someones post. One tweet can snowball to 1000 retweets if you say the right words at the right time. Twitter really is a crazy concept, and I admit I’ve just been looking at it all wrong.

Referencing back to the 4-Hour Work Week, we also know that automation is a godsend. Twitter is actually REALLY amazing for this. Twitterbots are life!! I plan on creating one of these myself, so stay tuned for that process in the near future.

I definitely have to give kudos to the 10K Challenge for making me sign up, and reminding me to always look at things from a different perspective. I think Twitter is something I’m going to have to use a whole lot more.

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