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Everyone in this world has the right to life. But only a certain number of people are allowed to live in this world with the beneficiary. But on the other hand, there are people living in this world who are oppressed by state authorities, various organizations, from the individual to the state also, who are the people restlessly selling labor forces. No matter how civilized man may be, custom and culture, he has violence, power, the idea of subjugating others, and a sick attitude to fame. Clearly, the world will never be able to liberate, until this attitude is cleared.    

 The political, social, and economic ideas of human life have, for 2000 years, claimed to have nurtured human life and its culture, but the uncivilized bureaucratic management within it has so far distorted its meaning.   

  From Greek times to the present day, the world has fought many wars.  All those wars are against humanity, meaningless, and it is true that millions of innocent people who were not responsible for that wars, were killed without question. For this? If it is questioned that this mankind has so far praised Jesus, Buddhism, Hindutva, and Islam, is it surprising that the world has been liberated by these noble ideas?  

Has it gained world peace and harmony? It does not seem to have happened. The world has always held the people of the world on the edge of death by the international terrorism, on the one hand, terrorism in the regions on the other, and   on the other local terrorism

  How can we get out of this world at a time when every country is thinking of itself as a powerful country, seeking to scare other countries, defend its country, exploit other countries’ resources and use international institutions and tools for it?  Who is it that every country has a different army, navy, air force, various kinds of highly dangerous equipment, and equipment for war and is paying a very high price for it in exchange? Who to conquer? The world is living in an incomprehensible state.

 The world of such knowledge has given deadly weapons, who have given the weapons into the hands of individuals? And who does not know doctrine or knowledge background and are always sheltering themselves to protect their power and property.

  It always uses its political diplomacy to scare small countries under the guise of major powers and bring them under their political and geopolitical personalities. These states and diplomats do not seem to have any attitude to humankind, to live as peaceful and peaceful mankind and to move forward. Small countries have no importance in the world among big countries. They are always concerns  Is there any benefit from these small countries with the relationship? Or is it can be exploited their resources? Or can, use them for their geopolitics? That’s what the big countries always think about small countries. we don’t know how this will be a human canon. 

 Today, even spiritual institutions claim to serve the people and are responsible for diverting people’s thoughts, exploiting people, and breeding people with racial and religious emotions and drugs.

 you may think  What is the sovereignty of the people for the people who talk about democracy? Who is it in hand? for whom is it used?  If questions are raised as to the purpose and goal of those dealing with it, the answers will be ridiculous. The situation in a country is to keep the army and suppress the people when the people are fighting with the army, and they will make them scary the people in every way with the police and is acting in some way against his people, who hold power in his hands without submitting to any legal schemes. It is incomprehensible to the people, so when sovereignty is used to attack and suppress one part of the population, it is suitable for protecting the people of another and seeking their free life.

 Armies and wars should not be a feature against humanity. Mankind should not have come to this stage in the twentieth-first century when it developed. Violence may have been the weapon of the early tribes and tribal in a way that was not humanly civilized, and literature may have described it as “war and love,” but the world must understand that it is very indecent for states to attack people and destroy people without allowing them to be involved.

 There is something worse here than that. It cannot be such a vile thing in the world to produce weapons of war and sell them to countries for their economic interests or to keep small countries in their possession, and to earn huge sums of money from them. How can peace and harmony be achieved in such a situation, where the sale of such weapons to poor countries is unchanged and sold to terrorist organizations is also responsible for the emergence of small and poor terrorism? It is therefore another great tragedy that intellectual thinkers in the world who truly love the world, who love and have mercy on the lives of the people, are distrustful of saving the world. So the thinkers and intellectuals of the world must first come out of the delayed countries and speak once again for the peace of the people of the world. The truth must be to realization in high esteem.  There is no need to wait for another Gandhi or Martin Luther King to come, and if nothing will happen because they are silent. 

 All the people in the world belong to me, I have the right to live in this world, and so should his people think that a fellow man has that right and that he can live his life peacefully and freely.

The world must go in search of ways to find love, peace, and peace without presenting ideas for weapons production and arms sales. First, we have to love ourselves and learn to love others like that. Similarly, initiatives should be made to prevent adverse climate change in the world.

 It’s a small world. As far as the universe is concerned, everyone has to protect this little world. If we can act according to that thought if we are embedded in our minds, then surely the rulers we choose must be able to come to this thought of ours. Only then can we protect the world.  Everyone should think that it is our greatest duty to give this beautiful world to our welcome future generations through this good thinking.

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