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Mostly Cinema consists of two main content, one is complete fantasy fiction and the other is to create a screenplay focusing on an event or history which has already taken place. On this basis, the second subject is handled and filmed the Titanic is created.

   In today’s situation, there are wars, conflicts between races and religions, aggressive policies, various conspiracies, violence, and diplomacy throughout the world,   Based on contradiction, when films are made to make grand films and upload them to the world as a big business, we have seen on screen that titanic was taken as a huge work of art through “Magical realism” by spraying artistic dust and med the creation

 Even still, the film is giving us that grand memory record. It is a special feature of the film that even today, many thousands of cinema fans have been watching Titanic again and again.

 The Titanic was launched in 1912.  When it crashed into a huge glacier, killing 1,800 people, it was a sad news story that was created with that background of the film.

 But though the story is based on the story’s fiction, hero Leonardo   DiCaprio and heroine Kate Winslet are the focus of the love story, but the scenes in the story are the focal points of the story. .  But though the story is based on the story’s fiction, hero Leonardo DiCaprio and heroine Kate Winslet are the focus of the love story, but the scenes in the story are the focal points of the story.

  The film represents the enormous misery and uncertainty of life behind the film, even as it presents us as a film, shrinks and narrows the human lives and the irretrievable relationships and emotions struggle between the lives and deaths of the passengers on the ship, and the gap between the poor and the rich.

  The success of a film is not only in its story, but also it is defended on realistically the film director has constructed the background to the story.  The film screens a part of human life living in this biggest world.

Human life is a struggle between life and death, between love and division, between the rich and the poor, between self-interests and sacrifices.  it combines man to be a creature that is desperate to escape all of them and presents the reality before we show us as a film. 

 The film also reveals how, during the activity of this humankind, which is trapped in the trap of the market economy, in the world being surrounded by wealthy power, the wealthy class, and the proletariat are trying to fight against each other and prove their rights and reserves.

  But the film ends with the critique and theoretical portrayal of the film as a struggle between the classes within the film, but eventually the escape of capitalism and the destruction of the working-class base. But basically, this is incorrect because without the working-class the capitalism unable to escape.

 It should be noted that the film has shattered that the wealthy who escaped have the opportunity to reach the shore, but this is somewhat unrealistic because the film has shattered that capitalism exists only as long as there is a working class.  

  On the other hand, the film is presented as a compromise between capitalism and the working class. it may have given the prophets, who have the mythic thoughts of god, the idea of yak impermanence, pleasure, impermanence, youth impermanence.   

 On the other hand, the film is presented as an attempt at reconciliation between the bourgeoisie and the working class. On the other hand, it may have given the prophets of God the idea that yak is unstable, pleasure is unstable, and youth is unstable.

 This is the best way in which the film expresses the plight, weakness, and inequality of the various faces of the individual of the human class of society through a powerful means of cinema. The film has become a factor in success. That’s why the film won eleven of the fourteen awards.

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