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Moscow: Russian-controlled Chechnya is fielding support for Russia in the Ukraine war. There are reports that Chechnya president “ Ramzan Kadyrov ” is fielding this battle. If he directly intervenes in the war, it is likely to change the results of the war as it is. It is also likely to cause serious damage to the Ukrainian side. Who is this Ramzan in the war in Ukraine? Let’s see why he’s getting attention now.

Chechnya is fielding support for Russia in the Ukraine war. This Chechnya is an area under the governorship of Russia. Chechnya is a country that is under the control of Russia, despite being said to be a separate country. Chechnya is sending their country’s army to support Russia. The forces are carrying out attacks in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

Who is he? It is at this stage that there are reports that Chechnya president Ramzan is directly fielding this battle. In a video posted by Chechen President Ramzan on March 14, he said he was now in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. But his whereabouts are still a source of many doubts and confusion. Even before this, Chechnya jumped in favor of Russia in the Georgia war in 2008 and then in the 2014 Ukraine war to capture Crimea and Syria war.

Murderer, it is noteworthy that in this war it was Chechnya and its president Ramzan that everything was due to run at the hand of Russia. Chechnya Force personnel are very aggressive and have meticulous combat skills. Hard-hitting people. They are known for being able to encircle and attack enemy forces in new ways. Chechnya President Ramzan has a very ferocious quality.

There is a complaint that this is a Russian-backed man who, in a way, belonged to a mercenary. Chechnya is the country that has killed settled people showing Russian President Putin’s finger. Complaints are being made about its principal on Ramzan. Ramzan assumed the presidency of Chechnya after the murder of Ramzan’s dad Ahmed in 2007. He fought in 1994 against Russia in the first Chechenya war and was released in 1996. He then fought against his friends along with Russia and brought Chechnya back under the governorship of Russia in 2000.

Murder of several Chechnya has been under the control of Ramzan since then. Ramzan is under Russia’s control. There are complaints against him for successively killing his political opponents. There is a complaint against Chechnya president Ramzan and those close to him that he severely bullied and killed many people, assaulted opposition leaders with mercenaries,


There are complaints against him for killing several people, ranging from Chechnya’s military commanders. There are complaints about Chechnya president Ramzan even after the murder of the leader of the opposition of Chechnya, Boris, who opposed Putin in 2 015.

Ramzan is the person who can do anything for Putin. He himself has said this in many places. He was Putin’s servant. He is a boogeyman and has been criticized by many of the world’s Nations.

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Chechnya Russia Russia is doing a series of economic assistance to Chechnya in its own way. 87 percent of Chechnya’s budget comes directly from Russia. Russia is also providing financial assistance to Ramzan personally. It is at this point that 12 thousand of war veterans of Chechnya and its president Ramzan have been fielded on behalf of Russia in Ukraine.

He could have fielded Putin himself by giving him several tasks, according to Reuters media. Chances are Chechnya president Ramzan will work on killing the president of Ukraine, starting a civil war, and causing a military rebellion. There are complaints that Russian President Putin is sending him there. His sudden arrival at war has attracted international attention.

Kadyrov’s brutal announcement

Kadyrov has been personally implicated in several instances of torture and murder. A number of Chechens opposed to Kadyrov have been assassinated abroad, and several witnesses (including Artur Kurmakaev and Ruslan Khalidov) report the existence of the 300 names “Murder List”. Chechens who have been murdered, where Kadyrov’s involvement is suspected, include Movladi Baisarov and Ruslan Yamadayev (both Moscow); Sulim Yamadayev (Dubai); Gazhi Edilsutanov, Islam Dzahnibekov, Ali Osaev (Istanbul); and Umar Israilov (Vienna). I have already killed the one I should have killed. I will kill those who are behind him until I kill myself or imprison him until the last of them. I will kill [them] as long as I live … Putin is awesome.

He thinks more about Chechnya than any other republic [of the Russian Federation]. When my f.ather was killed, he came directly to [Putin]’s grave. Putin stopped the war. Putin should be president for life. A strong rule is needed. Democracy is an American myth … The Russians do not obey their laws. Everyone steals, and only Koderkovsky is in prison

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