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There are millions of animals in the world and they include insects. Animals belonging to animal pests are called arthropods (arthropods). This means that they have a tendency to have limbs assembled. The part of their leg has curved connections. It is like our hands and feet. Insects and other Arthropods cover the cavity surface, which is called “civic”. Its body has a safe lid-like structure. this is its safety tile. It protects the body of the arthropod like a shield. Ants, beetles, bugs, cockroaches, flies, fleas, and other insects, etc., have six legs. So there are eight-time spiders and scorpions, many-footed Centipede, and log insects in the world. And there are crabs, large crabs, and lobsters, and there are nearly a million insects living

Do you think you often see an arthropod? Well, have you ever seen an ant up close? A spider? An e? A moth? There are more than a million described species (many not yet described) in the pylorus arthropods, and you encounter one of these creatures every day without leaving your home. Arthropods are a very diverse group of animals. In fact, they are the largest group of animals on the planet with more than 5 million unique species.

The arthropods are very small, but they affect people all over the world on some scale. Some of them. Dangerous. Termites eat and destroy wooden bridges and buildings. Wasps usually absorb blood through their givers, which destroy the yield lands. We experience a great deal of pain when some species of spiders and scorpions are pecked at. Some of the worst Arthropts are the worst of the malaria mosquito, which can spread malaria and many other diseases. Plague is transmitted by fleas. Have you seen the outline of the coatings? 

Their body is of three types

1. Head

2. Heart or heart 

3. The abdominal area is attached to the tail.

Insects useful to the people

Arthropods help people. For example, when bees make honey from flowers, pollen accumulation takes place. They are a useful liquid for human beings, such as silkworm (lace winks) that feed on the insects (arthropods) by sucking the juice from plants. It reproduces quickly, and often produces eggs without mating, and causes more damage to crops, which can live in large colonies. They rotate like bark threads. Small flies such as fruit flies help to find out how the gene works in guinea pigs.

Each insect has feelings that it can see and touch. They can see, consume and touch. Each eye is made from different parts. they have their own eyes. These eyes are called joint eyes. Arthrobots can’t see everything clearly, but they can also accurately detect small movements of the environment, and a lot of insects have different colors.

Arthropods can feel small smells and odors through sensations or air.

Full legs and small movements can be detected. Insects live in every nook and corner of the earth, found in the land, air, forests, fields, deserts, low lying areas, dry areas, streams, lakes, high mountains, icy areas, and caves in our parks, gardens, our homes, and why we all live with insects. These include house flies and ants, fleas roaming us and our pets. Arthropods live at sea and on beaches, They are not only in the sea but they are along the coast.

Orthropod’s blanket Arthropod’s body is small and light. They have hard crores. It was prepared by the main meaning of sitting. In the land, arthropods such as insects,   are waxy. They do not get close to the water and are new and live under each other. This method was called mounding (Mounting) or extensive.

1.Insects belong to more than one million species.

2. There are three pairs of leged organisms.

3. Most have two wings.

4. Additionally live inland and freshwater.

5. Having hard outer tiles

6.43 Species of insects are found.

. Crabs

There are 15 types of sands.

2 Of these, the royal crabs are the largest

It has 3 top tiles.

4 long jaws,

It has 5 large eyes. Living in the sea

7. Arachnoites

1. 80000 types

2.Has four pairs of legs

3. Obstacles are found with teeth. Live on land 


1. There are 3000 places with a long flat body

2. Forests with teeth

3. Fast running

4. Living on land

. Wood insects

5..Ten thousand varieties

1. The body is long.

2. Circle and curl

3 Slow crawls and crawls

4. Living on land

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