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Ra. Nithy

Yoga is the best practice for the body and mind, so yoga differs from the exercise we do on a daily day. This asana is a yoga practice performed gradually every day without feeling too much of a calm and calm body. In those days, yogis practiced this exercise to establish stabilization of the mind and body.

Many people in the world today practice this yoga for their health. If you do the yoga practice you will see positive changes in your body in a few days.

 Although there is no need for further explanation of what Yoga asana is, yoga refers to Nishta apid. It refers to the concentration of focus on the mind.  Asana refers to the seated petition of the body.  

The word asana was originally derived from Sanskrit. We sit according to the yoga system; You have to sit down first. Then the body should be set loose and effortless. But the body should not hang or be relaxed. When sitting you should try to sit with the right leg on the left leg initially as shown in the picture and then in a few seconds by default sit just with the left leg on the right leg which will come in handy someday training

 Then as  I say you keep both legs on top of each other as shown in the picture. This is the first position of the seat. Thus it is good to meditate on the same thing while uniting the mind and body while  you sit, The mind may wander here and there therefore good to  sit and listening to some yoga music so as not to waver; It will benefit you a lot

When sitting down, you should close your eyes slowly and think of the same thing for 3 or 4 minutes, even if it is initially difficult but gradually that will be in practice you feel smooth

When you are sitting in yoga, keep your fingers on the basis of yoga as shown in the picture. This is called yoga mudra.

Then very slowly and effortlessly inhale the air from the abdomen and then slowly release it through the nose. As you do so you can do another type of exercise i.e. slowly release the sound of ‘a’ from the stomach and the sound of ‘o’ from the lips and the sound of ‘m’ between the lips so as to keep the sound inside. You will feel the vibrations in the stomach, chest, and mouth when you are living. It is very healthy for you to wake up this light for ten minutes. Breathing exercises will promote good health.

.The followings are the benefits of this pranayama and meditation.

1. Your mental control is enhanced by the fact that you sit on the floor with your mind integrated

2.You develop the ability to think of the same thing

3.This exercise helps you to forget your worries and problems and keep your mind normal

4.Pranayama helps you to get healthy by pulling in the oxidation oxygen and letting out carbon dioxide.

5.As you sit and practice yoga, your legs are easily folded and stretched and they become stronger.

6. Even if you have any other diseases, you can address them through this asana to think about it.

7.Your mental energy is enhanced by asana

.You will be given another record of explanation in next Monday’s post

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