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Manike Mage Hithe’ sung by young artist Yohani de Silva has made history in Sri Lanka as her song was viewed by over 60+ million users on YouTube last week.

Music is the language of the universe. It is one of the most powerful communication tools to help you understand each other regardless of language, culture, or any other human differences. It has the power to transcend borders, with race and cultures converging on the same goal. 


This is what happened when popular Sri Lankan songs Manike Mage Hithe ’ music became a hit around the world, especially in the South Asian region. as India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Middle East, and other countries around the world, a good example of how music is loved and respected in a way that is nowhere else is this ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ song. ‘

Sung by young artist Yohani de Silva, ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ has made new history in Sri Lanka, as her song was viewed by more than 60 million users on YouTube.

When the song is telecast and is thought to be the song that went viral overnight and touched its peak, with the backing vocalist artist Rohini becoming one known around the world overnight. His name began to be widely hit on Instagram and Facebook. Her song was heard thousands of times on Indian social websites and the song has attracted more than 8.7 crore viewers in the last three months. at the Red Bull Presents concert which established her status as a performing artist in the music industry.

Indeed Yogin’s song’s presence starts from the tic tac video. she says he initially created the song with the piano by sitting in front of the smartphone and then when the song’s producer, Chamath Sangeeth, called her and asked” if you were coming to sing the whole song she was overwhelmed by surprise.  she started his music career as a YouTuber and started singing the “rap songs of deviyange Bare’ and released several albums of rapping so that she was the” rap Princess of Sri Lanka” petted as.  

Manike mage hithe

Yohani’s youth days

 Yohani was born in Colombo on 30 July 1993. Yohani’s fascination with music began early in life when it was her mother who identified her passion and collided at a young age.

Yohani completed her higher education in logistics management and professional accounting at the General Sir John Kodalawala Defence University of Sri Lanka she earned a master’s degree in accounting in Australia. before continuing her career in music as an artist. Her years in the United Kingdom immediately after school helped expand her horizons in the world and expand music as well.

Style of singing

Yohani’s music career took the lead upon her return to Sri Lanka in March 2019 Yohani was signed by ‘Red Bull Records’ for a single, and her debut single ‘is premiered in August 2020.

Yohani impressed the nation with her brilliant singles in late 2020. she performed live with legends Fatia Santhush (BNS) at the” Red Bull presents ” show when she sings, her thin dancing smile with laughter, her singing, her movements, her thin hair falling on her face and the movement it causes has made the attraction. she’s this blend of voices in sync with the instinctive subject matter in the song so the words seem to pick up in the songs.

It’s not always easy to get Lordin’s ‘Royals’ right to the songs, but Asteria’s female chorale group has got their voice on. As well as being renowned in the creative industry, Rajeev Sebastian said she was very impressed with the’ drive-in’ concert held early last year, where she sang one of his best works, ‘Mahe as Nadam’. Yohani’s contribution was also reflected in another Rajeev work, the song ‘Hall Masa’ (viol) Nanko. Now the song goes to chartbuster status on YouTube.

Colleagues statements

 She enjoys the status of a massive social media star as soon as he starts singing Yohani’s. Results on all social media platforms begin to follow him. People in the Yohani family better him and his charismatic personality reflects the happiest moments of life, says shahid Sajith Gunaratne .

 A suitable metaphor for the song is available in the song market while Yohini and his choir sing together.    Iranki  Abeykooneratne, another singer of yohani group impresses us when our voice listens to our songs together.

 “When we watch rehearsals, we enjoy it ourselves because we fit in deeply with each other’s pitch and make sure our voices blend,” says his choir singer Kunosha Thambirajah. Kunosha continues to say that she knows they find it challenging.

I would like to thank her for bringing herself to the stage. Kishomi says “When I left school, I didn’t think I would continue to sing in the choir,” “But here I am. It’s fun and amazing for me.”

They usually rehearse on weekends during the hectic environment these days when Johani is talking about his singing experience. They all enjoy singing from being a member of a family rather than being in a choir. 

Following songs are the very popular songs of Yohani  

  1. “Awidan Yanawa”
  2. Manike Mage Hithe (Cover Song)”
  3. “Manike Mage Hithe (Malayalam & Tamil Version)”
  4. “Sitha Dawna”
  5. “Rawwath Dasin”
  6. “Haal Massa (Viyole Viyole”) (Solo Track Version)
  7. “Aaye” (Solo Track Version)
  8. “Merry Christmas Baby” (Solo Track Version)

The traditional ‘Rabben Masha’’ Song event mix, loved by every one of the heavily impressed ‘Robben Mashup’ singer yogini de Silva, recorded a large number of viewers in the short-lived video work

The video was shared on several social media sites and gained huge listeners within two weeks. This is one of the most successful and creative brand endeavors. Yogani has succeeded in touching the hearts of the youth in all its campaigns in the past.

As a result of understanding how audiences are formed, Prima Kottumi has been designing the most successful campaigns in the past by exploring the sites where conversations take place. Tick-tock for brand promotion. This is relatively new to Sri Lanka, although Prima Kottumi has succeeded in creating a better campaign through ‘Raban Mash+up’.

Yohani, who has always prioritized the needs of young people, launched the ‘Raban Mashup’ campaign with the Youth Sense and Brand Ambassador. In this digital age, it was recently recognized in the creation of ‘The One Club for’ at “The One Show 2020”. Yohani is one of 134 Best Singers from the Asia – Pacific Region by 2020. One Club is a non – profit organization that celebrates and serves the global advertising and design industry. How Creativity Brings Direction and Hope in Global Epidemics Under the theme “Creativity is a Light in the Dark”

Focused on the song with the industry disrupted, it was decided that the best works presented by APAC should be displayed online for the world to see, for his song. It was one of two campaigns selected from Sri Lanka and was under the category of social media.

Young artist Yohani de Silva’s ‘Manike Make Hide’ has made history in Sri Lanka as his song was watched by more than 60+ million users on YouTube last week. The song ‘Manike Make Hide’ was a hit of 61,457,725 till August   The song was produced by Samad Sangeet in July 2020 during the covid 19 pandemic lockdown. It was uploaded to YouTube on 22 May 2021

The Song has been breaking records on streaming platforms and Social media, leading its makers to release its Tamil and Malayalam versions last month. The song was recently released in English and Hindi after receiving accolades online. Bollywood legend ‘Amitabh Bachchan couldn’t help but share his love for the song.

Big B took to Twitter to share a video of her dance sequence in her blockbuster ‘Kalia’, where the original song was replaced by ‘Jahan Teri Ye Nasser Hai’ with ‘Manike Make Hide’. An unconscious Amithab Bachchan clarified that the editing was done by none other than his granddaughter Navya.  But honestly, Manike plays in the spin all night. You can’t stop listening to it.

Wonderful,’ she said.0  “I have completed my first Sinhala album with twelve songs. I plan to start it with a live concert but the current epidemic situation awaits me. I can probably start my first album in December or early next year. I hope for the best,’ she said. Her songs Haal Massa . Songs like ‘Viol Vayol’, ‘Raovat Dasin’ and ‘Avidan Yanava’ are also very popular. This was immediately followed by her first English original ‘Merry Christmas Baby[1

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